Fri 16 Aug 2019

Demolition teams wreck Sizzler

premium_icon Demolition teams wreck Sizzler

Work has begun on the city's first Taco Bell as wrecking crews knock down old favourite Sizzler.

Wrecking crews move in on Sizzler

premium_icon Wrecking crews move in on...

Work has begun on the city's first Taco Bell as wrecking crews knock down old favourite Sizzler.

Wed 14 Aug 2019

Ipswich Hospital emergency department nurses dancing the #gitupchallenge

premium_icon Ipswich Hospital emergency...

Ipswich Hospital's hard working emergency department nurses blew off steam last week dancing the #gitupchallenge.

Mon 12 Aug 2019

Leichhardt fire: West Bremer Radio

premium_icon Leichhardt fire: West Bremer...

Two fire crews have contained a bush fire burning over a large area near Leichhardt and Wulkuraka. Video: West Bremer Radio

NDIS failing the severely disabled

NDIS failing the severely...

Speaking to Sky News, carer Rachelle Kappick says the National Disability Insurance Scheme needs to have a special category for the profoundly, permanently disabled...

NDIS explained

NDIS explained

The NDIS is a universal funding scheme for Australians with a disability. Here's a look at how the new scheme will work.

Fri 9 Aug 2019

WATCH: Union boss slams sentence for teen who ran down officer

premium_icon WATCH: Union boss slams sentence...

Ian Leavers, President of Qld Police Union criticises sentence handed down by Ipswich judge of teenager that ran down Constable Peter McAulay at Booval.

Thu 8 Aug 2019

Is this the worst road in Ipswich?

premium_icon Is this the worst road in...

Redbank Plains Rd, Blackstone is a mess.

Wed 7 Aug 2019

Drunken Ipswich grandmother's foul-mouthed drive caught on dashcam

premium_icon Drunken Ipswich grandmother's...

Drunk and zipping in and out of motorway traffic a 70-year-old grandmother eventually came to a stop when she crashed into a car.

Tue 6 Aug 2019

Constable Peter McAulay speaks outside court

premium_icon Constable Peter McAulay speaks...

Constable Peter McAulay was dragged several metres by a car at Booval on September 28.

Mon 5 Aug 2019

WATCH: Giraffe breaks into Caneland Central

premium_icon WATCH: Giraffe breaks into...

At 4.14am on August 4, two people forced entry into Caneland Central in Mackay. One was dressed in a giraffe costume.

Fri 2 Aug 2019

Burst pipe flooding yard

premium_icon Burst pipe flooding yard

A neighbouring yard with a leaky pipe is causing issues for a One Mile resident.

Sat 27 Jul 2019

Crim wields knife in robbery at servo

premium_icon Crim wields knife in robbery at...

A man entered the service station just after 6:30pm.

BAHAMAS BLISS: Reefs, turtles and swimming pigs

BAHAMAS BLISS: Reefs, turtles and...

A week on a yacht in the Bahamas is full of adventures.

Fri 26 Jul 2019

Vision: Active armed offender training, Ipswich

premium_icon Vision: Active armed offender...

The lead scenario involved a man attending at the office with a note then entering a multi-story building and taking three people hostage.

Fri 19 Jul 2019

Billy Moore is in Ipswich today

premium_icon Billy Moore is in Ipswich today

Where can you meet Queensland Rugby League legend Billy Moore today.

Thu 11 Jul 2019

Why Australia should embrace pill testing

Why Australia should embrace pill...

Pill testing had it's first successful trial this year, yet Australia is still lagging behind many European countries in using this on a large scale. Here is why...

Wed 10 Jul 2019

David Attenborough testifies on the Great Barrier Reef

David Attenborough testifies on...

David Attenborough appeared before a UK parliamentary committee where he described seeing the impact of warming ocean water during a dive on the Great Barrier Reef.

Tue 9 Jul 2019

Seven bodies recovered in Himalayas

Seven bodies recovered in...

Seven bodies have been recovered from India's Nanda Devi mountain, which comes weeks after eight climbers including Sydney woman Ruth McCance went missing on the...

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