AN adorable video has emerged online of a group of pre-schoolers stealing the show at Golden Guitar winner Tom Curtain's Speak Up tour.

On Thursday, Curtain performed at Maclean Showgrounds but was quickly overshadowed by a group of preschool children who accompanied him on the makeshift stage.

Tom Curtain
Tom Curtain Fineline Photography

The video shows Curtain begin the song Speak Up, a tribute to bullying victim Dolly Everett, before noticing the small group singing along - word for word.

Surprised by their strong knowledge of the lyrics, Curtain stood back to let the children take over the singing, though with a few prompts here and there.

Cubby House for Kids Preschool and Long Day Care Centre educator Kathy Lark was chuffed to see her students in the video.

"I'm so proud of them," she said.

"They've been singing that song all year! And it's such a positive message to spread."

Ms Lark said when she first heard Speak Up, she was inspired to share it with her class.

"I watched the video that went with it and it showed a really positive message about supporting your friends and speaking up, so I had to share it with the kids," she said.

"I put it up on the screen and they were all just wrapped. 

"Since then, they've been a lot friendlier to one another which is a positive outcome."

Children crowd around the microphone to sing for Dolly.
Children crowd around the microphone to sing for Dolly. Contributed

Video credit: Chloe Billington