Ipswich MP Ian Berry.
Ipswich MP Ian Berry. Rob Williams

Youth justice reforms welcome, says Ipswich MP Berry

IPSWICH MP Ian Berry has welcomed the State Government's youth justice reforms that target repeat young offenders.

"We are committed to keeping our community safe and I have shared residents' frustrations with what has been a revolving door of repeat offending for many young people," Mr Berry said.

"In the past year, 400 young people have been charged with more than 7000 offences while on bail across Queensland.

"That is unacceptable, and the Newman Government is doing something about it.

"To make them more accountable for their actions, the identities of repeat young offenders will soon be permitted to be published.

"Magistrates will be able to close the court under certain circumstance and some reporting restrictions will remain. Publishing the identity of first time offenders will continue to be prohibited.

"This strikes a balance between giving kids who have made a mistake a chance to clean up their act and setting a strong deterrent for recidivism."

Other reforms include making all juvenile criminal histories available in adult courts and removing detention as a last resort, to give the court more discretion during sentencing.

"These reforms are tough, but necessary, because many years of a slap-on-wrist approach has bred a generation of arrogant repeat young offenders," Mr Berry said.

Mr Berry said the reforms followed extensive consultation with the community.