GET READY FOR GLAM: Dresses and suits, some worth hundreds of dollars, are up for grabs for drought-affected teens.
GET READY FOR GLAM: Dresses and suits, some worth hundreds of dollars, are up for grabs for drought-affected teens. John Gass /

'You're not forgotten': Help sent to drought affected teens

A HEARTWARMING new charity will send Southern Downs students to formal in style as Brisbane residents step up to help their country counterparts.

The desperation of drought displayed on her television screen astounded Brisbane woman Ingrid Kahn, who felt compelled to help.

"I could see so many people struggling in different ways with the drought," Miss Kahn said.

"It's crazy and it's terrible to hear locals sound so unsure of the future.

Miss Kahn heard of formal clothing drives in other states and thought a similar concept could work here if she could convince others to get on board.

A few pictures of the dry, drought-ravaged landscape posted on social media was all the convincing it took.

"I don't think people really realised how bad it is, they were shocked," she said.

"And lots of people might not be able to help financially but in a consumer world, everyone has a couple of things in their wardrobe they'd be happy to donate."

Thousands of Brisbane residents donated high quality formal items, including everything from $800 gowns to suits and accessories.

The initiative accepted only new or once-worn, dry cleaned items and each piece contains a hand-written note from its previous owner, to cheer the children on through tough times.

"I just felt like the kids need to know we're here for them," Miss Kahn said.

"Even if they're far away they're not forgotten - We're thinking about them and we want to help in any way possible."

Miss Kahn's initiative Formals for Farmer's Kids will take the truckload of clothes to schools in Stanthorpe right up to Clifton and allow students to select entire formal or debutante outfits free of charge,

"I just took it upon myself to make peoples' lives a little more affordable," she said.

"I want to bring a bit of joy back to people's lives."

The "designer boutique" on wheels will roll into St. Joseph's and Stanthorpe State High School on Thursday, October 10.

Miss Kahn said she approached schools Warwick and assigned them a day on Friday, October 11, but is yet to receive a response.

The wardrobe will then continue on to Harristown, Pittsworth and Clifton State High Schools on Saturday, October 12.

The charity is currently requesting anyone in the Warwick area with storage available to assist them during their trip.

For more information contact your school or visit Formals for Farmers Kids at