DISTRACTION? Cr David Morrison, Cr Paul Tully and Cr Sheila Ireland believe the free WiFi will be a positive thing for the Springfield community.
DISTRACTION? Cr David Morrison, Cr Paul Tully and Cr Sheila Ireland believe the free WiFi will be a positive thing for the Springfield community.

YOUR SAY: Pisasale has this one right

IPSWICH City Council faced unexpected backlash from members of the public after the announcement that free Wi-Fi would be available at Robelle Domain.

Mayor Paul Pisasale responded, telling people they should supervise all children when swimming at Orion Lagoon.

"It's just ridiculous. People need to stop complaining and supervise their kids,” he said.

"We didn't put it in to put kids at risk. We did it to keep up with a world standard.

"I was talking to Laurie Lawrence today and he said the same as I have, put your phones away and supervise your kids.”

We asked you on Facebook whether you agreed with the mayor's assessment of the situation.

Here's what you had to say:

Annette Rawlings: Too many people think supervision of kids isn't a requirement of being a parent. Just look at the way they allow them to run around restaurants, shops etc while they sit back and chat loudly to each other - meanwhile annoying anyone else in the vicinity wishing for a little bit of relaxation themselves. Yet those same parents would be the first to blame others if their little hammerhead was injured through their own neglect.

Rob Maddox: Put a Wi-Fi blocker in like they do in American cinemas, so then there's no reason to be on your phone full stop! You're at a water park to spend time with the family not with your radiation device.

David Moss: There is already internet access via 4G. The whiners are complaining about free internet access. People are going to look at their phones whether access is cheap (4G) or free (Wi-Fi).

Lliam Parslow: Children are the parents' responsibility, not the life guards. Life guards are the default in case something goes wrong. Have the wifi sure, but just remember who's responsible for your kids.. you.

Lyndall Rogers: If that's the case they better hire more life guards there will be more zombie parents not paying attention to their children. I think it's a bad idea but that's just me.

Leanne Holzwart: Don't Agree with free Wi-Fi, a lot of the people using Orion Lagoon are not Ipswich City Council residents. The centre has free wifi. Parents should be there to watch their children not phones. Should be a phone free zone for family time!

Tabetha Woodward-xenides: Wonderful. Why not. Everyone has mobile regardless but it is great for the teens to sit and text friends. As for parents supervising kids...poor parents won't supervise regardless and good parents do regardless. Look at the positives not the negatives.

Narelle Sander: Parents drop their kids off and leave them too.. free Wi-Fi, not a big deal. Responsible parents will always do the right thing and neglectful parents will always be. Wi-Fi wont change that!

Ali Burns: Absolutely! Parents need to be more present around their children and put their phones away for a while. It won't hurt.

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