Member for Ipswich West Jim Madden pictured earlier this year.
Member for Ipswich West Jim Madden pictured earlier this year. David Nielsen

YOUR SAY: Ex MP says Madden should have known better

I REFER to QT 10/12 wherein Labor's Jim Madden escaped any consequence for leaking confidential ethics committee information.

On looking at his explanation to parliament, here's my translation:

"Those awful journos from the QT tricked me into spilling my guts; I am the victim here as I had to give up the many thousands of dollars I get paid to sit on that committee and keep its business confidential; I'm only new to parliament and I forgot it was explained that confidentiality is critical; I know lawyers are supposed to have a detailed understanding of confidentiality - but I'm not a lawyer anymore so I forgot."

And this serious breach will go unpunished - imagine what would happen to you if you leaked confidential information from your workplace.

It is a journalist's job to expose information and it is their right to use whatever tactics are required so long as they are legal.

As an MP you are required to maintain confidentiality on many levels.

If this fellow can't keep his mouth shut on the most serious of matters (they even give you a safe to keep your documents in), how can residents expect him to keep their confidence on serious personal matters or go to him to make disclosures or complaints?

SEAN CHOAT, Haigslea

Editor's note: Sean Choat is the ex member for the seat of Ipswich West, now held by Mr Madden.

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