The Black-Throated Finch.
The Black-Throated Finch.

YOUR SAY: ‘Adani will supply the fuel that burns us’

Collateral damage

THE state reluctantly approved Adani's shonky black-throated finch management plan, which depends on the use of an untried and doubtful approach of "environmental offsets".

This involves allowing an unavoidable adverse impact on the condition that work is done elsewhere to improve the state of the local environment to compensate for the allowed impact.

Adani has committed to improve the habitat attraction of nearby areas to compensate for the destruction of the bird's known habitat on their mining leases.

Let's hope the little fellows get the message and move on. Adani will, as all other coal mines already do, supply the fuel that burns us, along with the estimated one billion animals - an amazing number if true.

The offsets rule must be applied to all coal mining companies requiring them to finance new renewable energy projects to generate an equivalent amount of energy that will be generated by them burning the "best-in-the-world" Australian-made fossil fuels.

To their credit, Adani already has built an operating solar farm near Moranbah. But more needs to be done.

Requiring energy generating offsets will incentivise those who burn the fuels that we supply that burns us - collateral damage - to shift quicker than otherwise to a low-carbon economy.

If it's good enough for the black-throated finch, then it's good enough for us.

Rex Singline, Bucasia


Bay behaviour

MY HUSBAND and I went for a swim at Halliday Bay in the excellent enclosure, it was so sad to see so many adults and children climbing and jumping off the mesh.

Parents were encouraging their children and applauding their jumping efforts.

The net was visibly sagging under the weight of so many adults.

The large council notice board that is placed in a prominent position that forbids climbing and jumping was completely ignored.

When this wonderful enclosure has been totally wrecked and we have one less safe place to swim, these families will be complaining and expecting council to fix it.

We have witnessed this behaviour on several occasions.

Tanya Bowen, North Mackay


Elite polluters

A PROPOSED Royal Commission into these bushfires will not achieve a thing, unless they are prepared to expose all the angles associated with these fires.

A good hard look at those who make decisions regarding equipment would do for starters.

When new fire truck panels melt when exposed to fire and excess heat, heads should roll.

We have a government that makes laws concerning the fire front; who never get off their butts unless they appear for a few fleeting moments to have their picture taken at the fire front.

They introduced laws against back burning when in fact situations can change so often that no law can be deemed suitable for every occasion.

Will a commission deal with the issue concerning chemtrails?

So many people are kept in the dark over the chemtrail facts, or don't want to believe that governments would pollute the atmosphere with highly combustible elements.

Politicians pass these off as contrails, but contrails dissipate soon after expulsion, where as chemtrails spread out and last for hours.

Some of the chemtrails elements are barium, aluminium, magnesium and zinc, and a host other chemicals make up this cocktail. Our elite are the world's polluters.

Ed Vaughan, Carmila