Your questions answered about our digital subscriptions

AUSTRALIAN Regional Media's digital subscriptions are already proving popular with people who like the idea of being able to access two major sources of local and statewide news for the price of one.

Already, many have signed up to the deal which provides access to local news from our websites, as well as news from the Courier-Mail or Daily Telegraph digital sites, together with a year-long subscription to the Washington Post.

With packages starting at just $3 a week, it is being hailed as the best digital subscription deal in Australian media.

But there have also been some questions, which we are keen to answer.

When will I have to pay to read my news?

The digital subscription model is designed to impact on only the heaviest of our news readers.

The first 10 stories for each month of user activity are free.

When does each month start?

To make it fairer on everyone, the month actually starts when a user begins accessing our site. It is not a calendar month.

So if someone starts clicking on stories on November 4, the first month will be up on December 4.

Won't digital subscriptions affect the majority of your readers?

Actually, the majority of our readers to our websites will still be able to read what they normally read.

The subscription model, like other metered models being used by media outlets around the world, is designed to charge only the heaviest consumers of news.

What if I don't want a newspaper delivery with my deal?

The best value deal is definitely the one with the Saturday paper. You get everything online, plus a Saturday paper, for just $3 a week in the 12-week trial period.

But if you only want digital access (which includes access to the digital print edition), you can request that package.

What else does a subscription give me?

Being a subscriber, you will be given a daily newsletter on email as well as sent breaking news alerts on big local, national and international stories.

You will also have unrestricted digital access to The Courier-Mail in Queensland or The Daily Telegraph in NSW,, Presto for three months and The Washington Post for a year. We believe this is one of the most compelling digital news packages in this country.

Is there a discount to try it out?

Yes. We are offering 50% off for the first 12 weeks. The best value offer includes your local paper delivered each Saturday plus full digital access for just $3 a week for the first 12 weeks.

That becomes $6 after the introductory period.

How do I sign up?

You can subscribe here

If you have other questions, they should be answered here on our FAQ page