Dad Tyson Elisaia (far left) has four children competing in sporting events in Ipswich. (from left) Moana, Tejsha, Mateo and  Muanu Elisaia.
Dad Tyson Elisaia (far left) has four children competing in sporting events in Ipswich. (from left) Moana, Tejsha, Mateo and Muanu Elisaia. Rob Williams

Your guide to cost, time of junior sport on offer in Ipswich

FAMILIES across Ipswich are preparing to lace up the boots, pull on the jersey and kick into another season of junior sport.

While the importance of physical activity is known to most parents, the high cost of registration, insurance and equipment often hampers sporting options.

The QT has done the hard yards to break down the cost of each major winter sport available in Ipswich.

Father of four Tyson Elisaia knows the difficulty in juggling sporting commitments.

His three young sons and one daughter play rugby league and oztag.

The sport-loving children have caused financial strain on the family.

"Having four kids, it costs a lot," Mr Elisaia said.

"The upfront cost is pretty hard.

"You've got to pay before the season starts or in the first three weeks."

With Oztag costing $85 per child plus about $25 for gear, Mr Elisaia estimates he'll spend more than $500 on junior sport this coming season.

"That's without them making any extra, representative teams," he said.

While sport has added financial pressure, the young father said the benefits far outweighed the cost.

"I think being a parent you see the need for physical activity," he said.

"But having four kids, I understand the cost side of things."

Mr Elisaia is also a personal trainer, running sessions for children to help get them active.

He said understanding the timid personalities of some children helped him craft a better fitness program through his personal training work.

"Understanding what kids need and how you can get them out there is important," he said.

"Creating a place for them they want to go makes it so much easier.

"The social side of sport is massive."

Mr Elisaia said junior sport was vital to developing kids' social skills.

"My daughter, playing football helped her open up," he said.

"She hadn't wanted to play sport straight away because she has a shy personality.

"She went from being a kid with three different primary schools, finding it hard to make friends, to playing football, going for school captain and getting vice captain."

The Raceview dad said the hardest thing was running four kids to different sporting fields.

"Our son started playing league last year so we'd have our son playing at Fassifern and our daughter playing at Lowood so they were completely different areas," he said.

"It's been a hard start getting each kid into their respective sport."

Mr Elisaia encouraged all parents to get their kids into some form of social sporting team from a young age.


Season length: March to September (7 months).

Time commitments: Under-6s: Training one hour each week plus 30mins Saturday. Under-10s: Training two hours each week plus 80mins Saturday.

Registration fees: Under-6s: $80 incl. insurance. Under-10s: $185 incl. insurance.

Added costs: $50 training kit (training singlet, playing shorts, playing socks), $40-80 playing boots.

Note: Included in the $80 registration fee for U6s is an Auskick backpack, drink bottle, football and Brisbane Lions membership among other small inclusions.


Registration fees: $470

Time commitments: 22 weeks plus finals

Uniform: $50 (shorts and socks only)

Added costs: Ball $30, shoes $90


Season length: July to June (12 months) at Waterworx Springfield.

Time commitments: Friday night racing for 1.5 hours.

Registration fees: Sevens and under: $87 incl. insurance. Under-8s: $126 incl. insurance. Under-9s and above: $165 incl. insurance.

Added costs: $18 mandatory club swimming cap.

Note: Included in the club and national body fees is a Waterworx club t-shirt. Social racing is held every week, but attendance is not compulsory. A three-month grace period for fee payment runs until September 30.


Season length: January - December (12 months).

Time commitments: Juniors: About five hours on Saturday morning.

Registration fees: Juniors: $170 incl. insurance.

Added costs: Golf clubs: $199-$300.

Note: Sandy Gallop holds club golf each week; play is not compulsory.


Season length: 15 weeks plus three weeks of finals (April to September).

Time commitments: One-hour training plus a one-hour weekend game.

Registration fees: Net Set Go (5-6-year-olds): $104. Under-9: $159. 10+: $170.

Added Costs: Uniforms (varies from club to club).


Season length: 10 weeks (follows school terms).

Time commitments: Under-12s: Training 30mins per week plus 1.5 hours Saturday. Ages 12+: Training one hour per week plus 1.5 hours Saturday.

Registration fees: Under-12s: $10 club membership fee + $10 per Red/Green/Blue Ball Match Play (up to $100 per term).

Added costs: $50-100 Tennis Racquet (club may lend racquets if newcomer).

Note: Kids part of the Red/Green/Blue Match Play program receive a Tennis HotShots shirt as bonus.

Also, buying own tennis racquet is not mandatory in some instances. Check with club if borrowing is possible.


Season length: March to June.

Time commitments: One game per week.

Registration fees: U8-10s: $65, U12-14s: $75.

Added costs: Footy boots and uniforms.


Season length: March 15 to October 7 (six months).

Time commitments: Under-11, Under-13 and Under-15: Play Saturday or Sunday. Under-11 matches run for one hour while all others are for 70 minutes. Each team trains once a week for a few hours.

Registration fees: 10-18 age group: $70 per season including insurance. Hookin2Hockey 4-8 age group: $25 per season including a water bottle, shin pad, bag and other goodies. 9-10 age group: $40. In addition to the season fees all players pay $20 to Ipswich Hockey for an open day and theme day.

Added costs: Ipswich hockey will loan a hockey stick until parents can purchase their own.


Season length: October to March (six months).

Time commitments: Matches played Saturday morning. Training usually once a week for one hour.

Registration fees: $60 annual registration fee, including insurance, plus a $5 game fee. New juniors pay $10 for their first season.

Note: Club supplies bats, balls and wicket-keeping equipment.