Dustin Martin and Marlion Pickett of the Tigers.
Dustin Martin and Marlion Pickett of the Tigers.

Your club’s boom and bust AFL SuperCoach picks

Playing KFC SuperCoach is like playing the stock market - but more fun.

It's all about buying and selling players at the right time.

Player prices rise and fall based on their on-field performances, and in this unique season values will move after two games instead of the usual three.

That means this we need to jump on (or off) now to take advantage of price changes that help boost the overall value of your team and fund future trades.

So who should we be watching before the season restart?



Boom: Tom Doedee $273,700 DEF

The defender scores well from intercept marks and is ready to go, and start making cash, after missing Round 1 with a knee issue. Could be the perfect escape plan if defensive cheapies aren't selected. Rory Sloane is in just 2 per cent of teams but shapes as a great midfield selection (123 in Round 1).

Bust: Fischer McAsey $184,800 DEF

More than 35,000 teams started with the first-year backman, but he managed just 16 points in Round 1 and could lose money next round - if he keeps his spot. Start thinking about how to find the $89,000 price difference between him and Doedee.


Lachie Neale isn’t cheap, but you get what you pay for.
Lachie Neale isn’t cheap, but you get what you pay for.



Boom: Lachie Neale $658,500 MID

Has been a rock solid selection for years and his durability will be even more valuable this season. Kicked off the year with 157 points and has a dream run of four straight games at the Gabba from Rounds 2-5.

Bust: Deven Robertson $117,300 MID

Earned a surprise call-up for Round 1 which landed him in almost 50,000 KFC SuperCoach teams. But he's right on the fringe of selection at a club with almost a full list to choose from. Watch team sheets closely!



Boom: Sam Docherty $436,100 DEF

Dispelled any doubts over how he would cope after two years out of the game with a first-up score of 117 against the Tigers. His heavily discounted price makes him a must-have. Set to jump in value by more than $30,000 next week - get on now.

Bust: Nic Newman $524,800 DEF

Docherty's points haul came at the expense of Newman, who was one of the KFC SuperCoach finds of 2019 but managed just 39 points in Round 1. Needs to score 160 in Round 2 to maintain his price. Swap him for another defensive premium.


Jeremy Howe could be a SuperCoach bargain at his price.
Jeremy Howe could be a SuperCoach bargain at his price.



Boom: Jeremy Howe $431,900 DEF

Brodie Grundy (179 points in Round 1) is the obvious choice here but everyone already has him, don't they? Howe is one of the top trade targets for Round 1 after scoring 156 against the Bulldogs. He is set for a big price rise after his next game - don't miss out.

Bust: Adam Treloar $615,900 MID

Has the potential to be one of the topscoring midfielders but injury problems have struck again, with a hamstring injury putting him in doubt for the season restart. Pick someone safer.




Boom: Jacob Townsend $222,900 FWD

A risky proposition given is role is largely to terrorise opposition defenders but you can't sneeze at 99 points (off three goals in Round 1) for just over $200k. Has a break even of -14 and could make you some quick cash.

Bust: Brandon Zerk-Thatcher $189,000 DEF

One of the buzz players of the pre-season could find himself on the outer after just one game with the return of Cale Hooker and Patrick Ambrose from injury. Price gains will be modest if he scores 49 each week as he did in Round 1.



Boom: Brett Bewley $252,700 FWD

Former VFL star looks to have a wing to himself under Justin Longmuir. Projected to rise to almost $400,000 by Round 8.

Bust: Andrew Brayshaw $382,800 FWD/MID

Hopes for a breakout season took a hit with a 66-point return in Round 1. Could recover ... or you could trade him to Bewley and pocket $130k.


No wonder Patrick Dangerfield is smiling. Picture: Peter Ristevski
No wonder Patrick Dangerfield is smiling. Picture: Peter Ristevski



Boom: Patrick Dangerfield $625,500 MID

Seen doing cartwheels in the main street of Moggs Creek after the new fixture was released, handing him extra games at GMHBA Stadium - where he averaged 122 points last season. Tom Stewart is another Cattery specialist.

Bust: Sam Menegola $441,700 MID

Looked good value pre-season but he'll actually go backwards in price if he can't score 133 in his next game.



Boom: Hugh Greenwood $463,100 FWD/MID

A move to the Suns - and more midfield time - have done wonders for the former Crow. Set for a $20k price rise next week.

Bust: Darcy MacPherson $443,800 FWD/MID

Pre-season bolter flopped in Round 1 and could lose value. Greenwood was the Suns mid-pricer to get.



Boom: Sam Jacobs $348,400 RUCK

Is 2020 the season of the cut-price ruckman? Jacobs returned to his glory days with 134 points in Round 1 and is in line for a $50k price gain next round.

Bust: Tom Green $166,800 MID

The catch to paying a bit more for a rookie is they need to score well to make money - Green is set to gain about $10k next round, which isn't ideal. His job security is also very shaky.




Boom: Chad Wingard $412,300 FWD/MID

He is in just 7 per cent of teams but Wingard could be a great pick-up if his Round 1 score (131) is anything to go by. Projected to gain $23k next week.

Bust: James Sicily $509,500 DEF

Has a break even of 124 after a slow start but don't panic. Sicily should be a season-long keeper.



Boom: Jack Viney $439,300 MID

The buy stock of the season restart, Viney is set to leap in value and will be worth about $550k in a few weeks if he can score around the 100 mark.

Bust: Max Gawn $697,100 RUCK

A high-risk play is to trade Gawn out then pick him up again at a lower price later in the season. But he's one of the few players capable of hitting his 172 break even next round.


Curtis Taylor made a great start to the season.
Curtis Taylor made a great start to the season.


Jack Ziebell copped an injury in Round 1.
Jack Ziebell copped an injury in Round 1.



Boom: Curtis Taylor $123,900 FWD

Was in single figures at halftime in Round 1 but a big second half pushed him to 79 points. Set to be one of the best money-makers in the forward line. Jy Simpkin ($383,000 FWD/MID) could be a sneaky mid-price pick.

Bust: Jack Ziebell $493,400 FWD/MID

A Round 1 injury has handed Ziebell a break even of 168 for his next game. Could be available for around $400,000 in a month.



Boom: Mitch Georgiades $130,00 FWD

Hasn't received the attention he deserved from his score of 78 in Round 1. Part of that is the looming return of Charlie Dixon who could take impact his opportunities in front of goal, but should also take the best defender away from him.

Bust: Dan Houston $484,800 DEF/MID

One of the hype players of the pre-season has lost his shine after scoring an underwhelming 79 in Round 1. There are also whispers he has been training with Port's defenders which could put an end to a midfield role we were hoping for.



Boom: Marlion Pickett $123,900 MID

The best rookie pick of 2020 could be the most popular player in SuperCoach history before the first bounce next Thursday night. Will be worth more than $350k by Round 6 if he produces more scores like his 94 points in Round 1.

Bust: Bachar Houli $571,800 DEF

One of the topscoring defenders of 2019 is still battling to overcome a calf problem that kept him out of Round 1. At age 32 that's a massive red flag, especially at that high price.



Boom: Ben Long $283,100 FWD

There were signs in the pre-season a switch to half-back could lead to a spike in scores but only 3 per cent of teams were brave enough to start him. They were rewarded with 118 points and a break even of -10 for Round 2.

Bust: Dylan Roberton $260,400 DEF

Was a big bust for 39 per cent of teams in Round 1 with just 26 points. Lockdown roles are an issue but he is still set to make money and has a safe spot in the Saints side.


Sam Naismith is coming back from two years out with a knee injury.
Sam Naismith is coming back from two years out with a knee injury.



Boom: Sam Naismith $251,500 RUCK

One of the biggest boom players of the restart after his outstanding 121-point return from two years out with a knee injury. Projected to soar in value to $550k in four weeks but that assumes he can keep up that scoring power which may be optimistic.

Bust: Jake Lloyd $591,400 DEF

Lloyd was the topscoring KFC SuperCoach defender of the past two seasons and the most expensive backman this season, but served up just 77 points in Round 1. It's hard to know if that's a pattern but if you've got him you will want to hope not given he has to score 148 just to maintain his price.



Boom: Nic Naitanui $457,800 RUCK

Shorter games should reward players who make an impact with limited possessions and Nic Nat is at the front of the queue. Scored 100 against Max Gawn and has match-ups against Jarrod Witts, Ivan Soldo and Sean Darcy coming up.

Bust: Elliot Yeo $584,400 MID

Scored just 57 in Round 1 and has one of the highest break evens in the comp (165). Should thrive in slippery conditions at Metricon Stadium but the Eagles have a lot of good midfielders competing for points.


Nic Naitanui and Brayden Ainsworth at Eagles training.
Nic Naitanui and Brayden Ainsworth at Eagles training.



Boom: Bailey Smith $415,900 FWD/MID

One of the few Bulldogs successes in Round 1, scoring 106 and with a break even of 52 which should result in a healthy price rise. Awkward price, though.

Bust: Marcus Bontempelli $623,000 MID

It would be a big call to trade out Bont but he has a break even of 161 against the Saints. If you don't have him, get ready to pounce if he falls below $550k.


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