My Comment column with QT Editor Peter Chapman
My Comment column with QT Editor Peter Chapman David Nielsen

Your chance to stand up against racism

AS FORECAST in this column earlier this week, the QT is inviting all concerned citizens to a Stand Against Racism rally in the CBD.

Some postings on the QT web page and also on Facebook about this rally have revealed that many are confused about the intent of the event.

Firstly I need to clearly state this is not a rally about Raj Sharma and his staff and family.

The racism incident surrounding his family has been the catalyst for this, but it will not be the foundation for a quiet show of solidarity of this community.

What we are hoping to do is to reveal to all that this community does not accept racism.

Importantly in holding the rally, we are not saying Ipswich has a racism problem that is any different to other areas of Australia.

It will not be a march with banners and megaphones, but a quiet meeting of concerned citizens for less than half an hour.

This is not a protest. This is a sign that we are a community that cares for all citizens.

Minister for Multicultural Affairs, Glen Elms, will be one of just three speakers on the day.

The Stand Against Racism rally will be held at the Rotunda in the Ipswich Mall at 11am on Saturday, July 12.

More details will follow in the coming days.