40 channel UHF and CBD radios will remain legal.
40 channel UHF and CBD radios will remain legal.

Your 40 channel UHF is still okay

THE Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) has reversed its decision to make 40 channel UHF and CB radios illegal from June 2017.

The ACMA, the people who regulate in what part of the radio frequency spectrum and in what bandwidths we are all allowed to legally operate, mandated a couple of years ago when they changed some regulations, that 40 channel

UHF and CB radios would become illegal after June 30, 2017.

From 30 June this year, the ACMA were set to introduce amended regulations that would have mandated the use of 80 channel UHF and CB radios. Thankfully, further research on their part has demonstrated that the 40 channel and the 80 channel systems were working well alongside so the authority has decided to remove the requirement for users to upgrade to 80 channel UHF sets.

Dominic Byrne, the ACMA's manager of spectrum licencing policy has said the proposed changes were introduced to manage congestion and interference in the CB radio channels but based on discussions with some users and from the ACMA's own monitoring, he said, "the ACMA doesn't think that there's any harm from the continued operation of the 40 channel units."

So worry no more, 40 channel UHF and CB radios will remain legal after June 30.