Briennah Tenille Boughton pleaded guilty to four drug related charges in the Supreme Court of Rockhampton on Tuesday.
Briennah Tenille Boughton pleaded guilty to four drug related charges in the Supreme Court of Rockhampton on Tuesday. Facebook

Young woman sold mine's stolen air cons for meth

WHAT do you do to pay for your drug addiction when you've lost your job?

Help your dealer steal 29 air conditioners from a miners' camp and sell them on Facebook.

This is what one young woman did in 2016.

Briennah Tenielle Boughton was 18 at the time. She had been in a violent relationship with the man who introduced her to methamphetamines and involved her in his drug trafficking offending.

When he went to prison, Boughton (pictured) managed to clean up her life. But it didn't last long.

When he was released from prison, he tracked her down, smashed up her house and her face because she'd cooperated with police.

That left her struggling with pre-existing mental health problems which she had to take time off work to deal with.

Unfortunately, she lost her job as a result and that sent her spiralling down further - returning to using illicit drugs and being busted for possessing more than 2g of methamphetamines.

Two years later and she's been sentenced in the Supreme Court for possessing meth.

Yesterday, Boughton was sentenced for other offending from that rebound drug offending period - this time for her involvement in the theft with her co-offender and drug dealer at the time of 29 air conditioning units that were installed in rooms at a Moranbah miners' camp.

Police prosecutor Jess King told Rockhampton Magistrates Court Boughton received some units from her dealer and other times, broke in and entered the BHP Billiton Mitsubishi Alliance-owned camp and participated in removing the units from single rooms.

She sold them on Facebook via a Buy, Swap, Sell page for $500 to $1400. The court heard the offending came to the attention of police after one of the buyers became suspicious and informed police.

Boughton made admissions to police about the offending where her co-offender and she broke in three times to steal units and the remotes and caused damage to the units in the process.

Ms King told the court BHP Billiton Mitsubishi Alliance had estimated the damage and the units cost the company $40,000.

The court heard that while Boughton sold the units, she only kept about 10 per cent of the money for herself and gave the rest to her dealer.

Boughton also pleaded guilty to breaching bail conditions - from 2016 and from this year. The ones from this year were right after her Supreme Court sentencing where she received an 18-month jail term with immediate release on parole because she had spent time in custody already.

Defence lawyer Joanne Madden said Boughton misunderstood - thinking that because she'd been sentenced upstairs, she was no longer on bail and required to report.

The court heard of Boughton's extensive efforts of drug and offending rehabilitation since 2016.

"I don't think I've ever seen, in all the years I've been representing people with drug addictions, seen one address their issues to the extent Boughton has," Ms Madden said.

"Most people only go off to do one course. She has done everything that is possible for her to do - to get off drugs and understand her triggers for mental health."

Boughton has also been in a stable relationship for the past 18 months to the father of her four-month-old child. She is now pregnant with her second child.

Magistrate Cameron Press ordered Boughton to an 18-month jail sentence with immediate release on parole, along with restitution orders totalling $1036.30 and a $250 fine for other offences.