Codi Leigh Barba, 24, was granted bail for the second time in two weeks.
Codi Leigh Barba, 24, was granted bail for the second time in two weeks.

Young woman back in court two weeks after release on bail

A YOUNG woman who allegedly flouted strict bail conditions barely a week after being released will be able to spend Christmas with her family.

Codi Leigh Barba has again been warned this is her last chance.

"I've basically had enough Codi," her father also said after telling the court his daughter could return home "under strict rules".

The 24 year old was granted bail for the second time in two weeks but on reduced conditions including a decreased curfew, reporting only once a week, and she is allowed to contact her boyfriend and co-accused Kiren James Hazard, who is in custody.

The pair and three others are charged with unlawful use of a motor vehicle, as well as other separate offences.


Codi Leigh Barba and Kiren James Hazard.
Codi Leigh Barba and Kiren James Hazard.

In granting bail today Acting Magistrate John Aberdeen said he was cognisant of not setting her up to fail.

When Ms Barba was initially granted bail on November 25 she was told she had been close to going into custody.

Her bail conditions included reporting to police three times a week, a 5pm-8am curfew, no contact orders against her co-accused including Mr Hazard and that she had to be with at least one parent at all times.

Mackay Magistrates Court heard that six days later, on December 1, Ms Barba left her parents' house and did not return.

She is charged with breaching bail six times between December 2 and 6 when police found her with Mr Hazard and three other co-accuseds. The court heard she was picked up while allegedly trying to run away from police.

"She stated to police she loves (Mr) Hazard," Mr Aberdeen said, adding it was a clear indication she would keep associating with him if he was around.

Ms Barba is also facing charges of possessing dangerous drugs and drug utensils, stealing, failing to appear in court, two separate incidents of car theft in November, breaching probation and further breaches of bail.

Mr Aberdeen said it was unlikely she would be sent to jail if convicted of the charges.

"What confronts me therefore is, in a case where it is unlikely she will be sentenced to a term of imprisonment, whether she should be remanded in custody in the interim," Mr Aberdeen said.

The court heard Ms Barba, who had a very limited criminal history, was in a show cause position because she offended while on bail.

Mr Aberdeen said where a person might spend more time in custody than they would if convicted - "serious consideration has to be given to granting them bail".

In this case he said he was persuaded to grant bail. Matters were adjourned to December 16.