A judge had strong words for Benjamin Matthew Rogers who brutalised a mother for protecting her daughter.
A judge had strong words for Benjamin Matthew Rogers who brutalised a mother for protecting her daughter. LightFieldStudios

He made her kid cry, she asked him to stop, so he bashed her

FEARING for her life, a young mother risked serious injury by jumping from a second storey window rather than continue enduring a violent thug's "calculated and protracted punishment" for asking him to stop making her daughter cry.

Benjamin Matthew Rogers repeatedly choked, punched and threatened the woman after she tried to defend her little daughter from the 29-year-old's abuse.

Rogers faced Brisbane District Court on Monday where he pleaded guilty to two charges of choking, one of deprivation of liberty and one of assault.

The former Gympie man was sentenced to 15 months in prison and will be eligible to apply for parole in October.

The brutal attack happened last August in Caboolture and was precipitated by Rogers making the victim's little daughter cry.

The worried mother called him out for the behaviour and sent the girl to the neighbour's home where the child would be safe.

Rogers retaliated by tossing the victim onto the bed, punching her 15 times and warning her he would break her neck if she tried to leave.

Her first attempt to escape saw him use his hands to choke her neck tight enough to restrict her breathing.

He also wrapped a phone charger cord around her throat to frighten her before again choking her with his hands and pressing his thumb into her windpipe so she could not breathe.

During the assault he also threatened the woman with an iron bar, twisted her arms and legs and punched walls.

The woman managed to get away from him, fleeing the apartment by jumping through the bedroom window that was two storeys off the ground.

"This was about ... oppression," Judge Leanne Clare told Rogers.

"It was a calculated and protracted punishment against a woman who dared to stand up for her child.

"You intended to make her feel fear and pain.

"The message you sent was that ... she was your property and you had the power over her.

"The more she struggled the more you squeezed - she was so frightened that she jumped out the window to escape."

Judge Clare noted the defendant suffered depression after his cousin was left with life-changing injuries in a car accident.

She also noted Rogers had a criminal history, but there were no previous offences of violence and that he admitted the crimes, saving the victim the stress of a trial.

Rogers spent about 10 months on remand and can apply for parole in three months. - NewsRegional