Maisen Michael Hodges, 21, was sentenced to six months in jail suspended for 18 months for a sexual assault.
Maisen Michael Hodges, 21, was sentenced to six months in jail suspended for 18 months for a sexual assault.

Offender too drunk to recall ‘horrific’ sex attack in toilet

A young woman says she relives a nightmare when she goes near Ocean St after she was cornered in a cubicle by a man who has been sentenced for the sexual attack.

Maisen Michael Hodges, 21, was on Thursday sentenced to six months in jail suspended for 18 months for the sexual assault at a Maroochydore bar.

Lawyer Chelsea Emery told Maroochydore Magistrates Court that Hodges was so drunk he couldn't remember following a young woman he had known for some time into a toilet cubicle on March 15 last year.

The court heard Hodges told the woman during the assault that he had "always fantasised about her".

Police prosecutor Brendan Newman said Hodges blocked the cubicle door after following the woman in and told her to go to the toilet.

"Eventually she was able to get to the door but the defendant put his foot against the door, refusing to allow her to leave," Sergeant Newman said.

"The victim was crying and shaking when she attempted to open the door and it was at this time the defendant has placed his hands under her skirt, grabbing her buttocks and making a comments about her arse looking sexy."

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The court heard Hodges's hand then moved between the woman's thighs and brushed against her pubic region.

"The incident only coming to a conclusion due to a security guard identifying something was wrong and interjecting," Sgt Newman said.

In a victim impact statement, the woman said she had since felt anxious she would run into Hodges again and had engaged a mental health plan.

Hodges declined to be interviewed by police and successfully requested to see proof from an ID scanner, an incident report and a statement from the victim, a witness and security.

His request to view CCTV footage was refused before he agreed to plead guilty.


Maisen Michael Hodges, 21, leaves court.
Maisen Michael Hodges, 21, leaves court.

Sgt Newman said this demonstrated Hodges had little remorse and insight into his offending.

Ms Emery said her client simply couldn't recall the event and was shocked to learn of his behaviour.

"What happened to her was horrific and he accepts that and he is horrified by his actions but he couldn't recall them," she said.

"And that is the reason, for a very serious offence, that he requested the material."

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Hodges's family and girlfriend supported him in court on Thursday when he confirmed his guilty plea to one charge of sexual assault.

Sgt Newman said the maximum penalty for the offence was 10 years but a sentence of six to nine months was appropriate in this case.

Ms Emery said Hodges was a leading hand for a civil construction company who had struggled with his mental health and alcohol use.

She highlighted that several character references tendered to the court were written by women.

"Well they obviously have never been sexually assaulted by him so that's where they lose their effect," magistrate Rod Madsen replied.

He said Hodges' young age helped him avoid actual jail time.

"If you are sad about anything, you should be really happy that (the security guard) turned up when he did," Mr Madsen said.

"Because you were very drunk and who knows what was going to keep happening."

Hodges was ordered to pay the victim $2000 in compensation and he walked from court with his family.

*For 24-hour sexual violence support call the national hotline 1800RESPECT on 1800 737 732 or MensLine on 1800 600 636.