Young girl cut-off by floods with no insulin

A YOUNG girl is reportedly in desperate need of insulin at a southeast Queensland property cut off by floodwaters.

The six-year-old diabetic is in Jimboomba, which is isolated, with paramedics unable to reach her, Nine News Queensland reports.

There are reports authorities are considering air-dropping the insulin to her.

It comes amid fears more than 300 properties in southeast Queensland - including more than 200 homes - could be swamped by "unprecedented" floodwaters this afternoon.

The figure already includes more than 100 flooded homes and businesses in low-lying areas of Logan as the Albert and Logan Rivers swell to never-before-seen levels.

Logan Mayor Luke Smith on Friday said flood modelling for low-lying areas along the Albert River was changing by the hour and 211 more homes in the area were expected to go under.

"The Albert River has increased and is continuing to increase much to our surprise," he said.

"We are seeing roads cut off even more and we are seeing heavier inundation than predicted."