You now need to walk to your destination: Google Maps fail

IN an unfamiliar town in the middle of northern NSW we put the address we were looking for into Google Maps.

It gave us the route and we started following the directions.

It took us out of town and we thought all was going well until it told us to stop and park the car because we would now need to walk to our destination.

Through a paddock. Full of cows.

Yes, a Google maps fail.

And this wasn't the first time I've been led astray.

Once driving from the Sunshine Coast to Woodford, Google maps offered a quicker route.

What started out as a bitumen road quickly turned into a dirt road then a goat track that wound though the forestry.

Unable to turn around I kept going, driving on my own in a conspicuously-branded work vehicle, passing other proper four-wheel-drive enthusiasts and becoming more and more terrified.

Finally, after double the time it would have taken had I not detoured, I arrived and vowed never to do that again.

But it got me thinking: Google Map fails and horror stories. Do you have one?