The yacht sits atop the rocks near Burning Point on Shaw Island on August 26.
The yacht sits atop the rocks near Burning Point on Shaw Island on August 26. Contributed

Yacht to be demolished after awkward crash onto rocks

VOLUNTEER Marine Rescue (VMR) crews were recently called to a yacht which was perilously perched on a pesky rock in the Whitsundays.

VMR Whitsunday told the tale of the large vessel which hit a rock near Burning Point on Shaw Island on Sunday.

The Daily Mercury has received a telling photograph through the grapevine of the yacht sitting atop the rock, almost completely out of the water with its bow pointed skywards.

The snapper responsible for the shot remains a mystery at this stage.

"The day began when I (Ray) received a call from Janet who was on radio room duty," VMR stated on Facebook, on behalf of a skipper.

"She had heard a call from a vessel advising that they had witnessed a large vessel hit a rock near Burning Point on Shaw Island.

"Not good! I advised Janet to put a call out to see if she could get more information and to contact the water police, and that I would come immediately to the base to assist.

"By the time I got to the radio room we were in contact with the sailing ketch 'Isabella', which was standing by and taking some of the passengers from the damaged vessel on board their yacht."

The owner of the stricken vessel asked for a water pump as the yacht was taking on water, it was stated.

After speaking with Whitsunday Water Police, the skipper dashed to Abell Point Marina to prepare a VMR vessel "while a crew was organised".

The crew left the marina at 9.45am and cruised off "in perfect conditions".

"We met the ketch 'Isabella' near Lindeman Island and confirmed that three persons from the disabled boat were on board and on their way to Hamilton Island," the page stated

"The skipper of the ketch said that the vessel had hit Platypus Rock and had a large hole in it and that the owner and his wife were still there in their tender.

"When we arrived at the scene VMR Midge Point was also there. One of their crew had gone with the owner to check out the situation."

The water police soon arrived to take control and after discussions with the owner and a VMR Midge Point crew member, "it was decided that pumps were not required, as the vessel had a large hole and was sitting on the rock with the tide falling".

An insurance company was apparently notified and a salvage company contacted.

"With the owner and his wife on board, we towed their tender to Hamilton Island where we met up with the vessel 'Isabella' and left them to meet up with their passengers," it was added.

After returning to fuel up, berth and wash down, the dedicated VMR crew wrapped up duties at 1.25pm.

Whitsunday VMR president Mal Priday provided an update on Wednesday afternoon.

He said the yacht was being patched and re-floated, before its taken to Airlie for demolition due to extensive damage.