A protest of a $1 billion loan to mining company Adani by the State Bank of India has spilt onto the SCG with two men running onto the field during Friday's one-dayer between Australia and India.

The pitch invaders made their way out to the middle after six overs of the match and spent a long time just walking around before security decided to take action.

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There was one guard in particular who did not seem to be in a hurry.

Calm down, everything is under control.
Calm down, everything is under control.

The two invaders were holding signs that read "NO $1B ADANI LOAN" underneath the State Bank of India.

A reported group of 50 protesters were seen outside the SCG before the game, with police keeping an eye on proceedings.

The Galilee Blockade, an activist group against the Adani Carmichael coal mine released a press release after the protest, identifying the protesters as Father of two Ben Burdett and Sydney musician Josh Winestock.


The pair were protesting a potential $1 billion loan by the bank after Indian media reports suggested it was close to a deal with Adani.

In the release, Burnett said "Millions of Indian taxpayers who are watching the first game of the Indian cricket tour have a right to know that the State Bank of India is considering handing their taxes to a billionaire's climate wrecking coal mine", while Winestock added that the protest was aimed at pressuring the State Bank of India to "reassure Indians and Australians that they will play no part in supporting it".

Cricket Australia later confirmed the invasion did not impact the players' biosecurity zone.

But fans were also quick to point out how slow security was to react to the invasion.

"There isn't much urgency from security at the moment," Adam Gilchrist said in commentary.

Shane Warne added: "There's not one security guard on the ground".


Sports reporter Bernie Coen wasn't happy with what he was seeing unfold in front of his eyes.

"What disgraceful security here @scg two people walk out to the cricket pitch holding signs for 30 secs before anyone moved! WTF! the players should be concerned for their safety over that!" he wrote.

2GB's Mark Levy added "Hello security???? Protestors make their way to the centre of the SCG holding signs and security nowhere to be seen. At least they were good enough to stay off the pitch. I think we'll hear more about that."

The Australian's cricket reporter Peter Lalor wrote: "Two protestors made way onto ground with NO $1B ADANI LOAN signs and in extraordinary scenes were left there without being escorted off for some time. Social distancing security ?"



Originally published as 'WTF!': Security guard baffles cricket