What do you want for lunch?
What do you want for lunch? CSIRO

Worms, flies, maggots and crickets: Is this future lunch?

WHAT would you like for lunch? Meal worms, flies, maggots or crickets?

Yes, it's true. They may well be the food of the future. Olympia Yarger used to be a sheep farmer. Today she breeds insects. Her company Goterra is now producing meal-worms, black soldier flies, crickets and maggots hygienically on her property near Canberra.

It's a business that's booming in this current era of reduced carbon emissions. She says what we are seeing from consumers today is that they want transparency, food that is sustainable, that has social of ethical ethos, and that is protein-rich. And, she says, insects taste good whether you like the look of them or not.

Want to read the full story about her? Go to The Chronicle's new Ag Journal which was inserted in The Chronicle recently, if you haven't already recycled it. The Ag Journal is apparently to become a regular insert,and going by this issue will have some good reading. Looking forward to the next issue.

RAY HARCH, Toowoomba