'World's most beautiful' six-year-old targeted by creeps

A RUSSIAN schoolgirl has been hailed as the "world's most beautiful girl" by her 500,000 Instagram followers, with her online fame prompting concerns about her safety.

At just six-years-old Anastasia Knyazeva, known as Anna, already has a loyal online following of strangers who praise her for her "beautiful eyes" and "doll-like features".

Anna's Instagram account is run by her mother, who posts a plethora of professional modelling photos of her daughter to the social media account.

The popularity of the account has raised concerns, with some pointing out that thousands of strangers calling a child "angel" and "perfection" is very creepy.

The comments get even worse though with people pushing for her to grow out her bangs so she "looks older" and one person even asked her on a date.

"It's dreadful that they're even judging children's looks at that age," said one user.

Another said: "Talk about giving children a complex about their appearance by announcing the prettiest child. This causes anorexia and bulimia in children."