BIRTHDAY BIFFO: Bradley Bullock suffered a broken nose before assaulting two men with a wooden stake.
BIRTHDAY BIFFO: Bradley Bullock suffered a broken nose before assaulting two men with a wooden stake.

Wooden stake used, nose busted in birthday biffo

WIELDING a wooden picket, a party guest with a busted nose struck one man in the head and another on the arm in a midnight fracas.

Both men were injured and the 40th birthday party for Trudy Knight was brought to an end.

When the case went before Ipswich Magistrates Court, Bradley John Bullock, 43, pleaded guilty to two charges of assault causing bodily harm when armed at Raceview on October 21.

The court heard the victims were two other guests at the party.

Police prosecutor Jack Scott said Bullock had criminal history which included a conviction for a serious assault of a police officer by biting or spitting in 2016. For that offence Bullock received a six month jail term immediately suspended.

Mr Scott said Bullock provided an explanation to police for his behaviour that night, but it did not justify the level of force he used.

By his guilty plea, Bullock accepted he had no lawful justification.

Mr Scott said there had first been a consensual fight between Bullock and one of the complainants Donald Knight.

There had been a birthday party for Mrs Knight at Brother's Leagues club and afterward some of the guests were driven to a house. Bullock had been involved in an argument with security at the club and Jamie Knight was upset at his behaviour and complained to his brother Donald Knight.

Bullock was involved in a scuffle which resulted in his nose being broken.

After the two men were separated Bullock yelled abuse saying he would burn a truck belonging to Donald Knight.

Donald Knight took off his shirt and ran back towards Bullock, the court was told.

Bullock could see figures and hear footsteps and thinking he may be assaulted had grabbed a wooden stake and started swinging, striking Donald Knight twice on the head. The stake inadvertently struck another man on his arm while he was trying to stop the fight.

The court heard Mr Knight suffered cuts to his head that required staples after a doctor removed some splinters from the wound. The second man suffered a superficial laceration.

Bullock was charged in late March last year.

Defence barrister John Jacob said Bullock had been friends with one of the complainants for some years and what he did had been an over-reaction when both Bullock and the other men had been affected by alcohol.

"He felt scared and provoked and saw (the complainant) yelling with his shirt off and could see other figures," he said.

"He thought he might be assaulted."

He said Bullock had lost these friendships because of the rift caused.

"He has since stopped drinking spirits, and now limits his beer, Mr Jacob said.

He sought a head sentence of no more than 12 months that was suspended or with immediate parole.

Magistrate Rob Turra said a prison term was the starting point in such offences, noting he was on a suspended sentence at the time.

Bullock was sentenced to 12 months jail on each charge and given immediate parole.