People having to isolate due to coronavirus usually treat it as a “prison” sentence. Not this woman.
People having to isolate due to coronavirus usually treat it as a “prison” sentence. Not this woman.

Woman’s x-rated shows from quarantine hotel

Those having to isolate upon returning to the Gold Coast from COVID hot spots usually treat it as a "prison" sentence and like all those in the big house, count down the days until they are released.

However, one enterprising young miss has turned her time alone into a moneymaker. She has an account with one of those private channels where for a fee she will provide an unpixilated view of her world.

Naked showering, naked ironing, naked yoga - you name it - if there is a demand and people pay up front, she is ready, willing and more than able to supply a live streamed, full frontal, visual. Could we call that a start-up industry?

Tim Tszyu in Main Beach. Picture: Regina King.
Tim Tszyu in Main Beach. Picture: Regina King.


THE Gold Coast has been home to young boxing tyro Tim Tszyu for the past three weeks as he prepares for his super fight with Jeff Horn in Townsville on Wednesday.

We were there when he sat down for a video interview with Andy James. Tim told how much he loves our beaches and lifestyle and then he was asked about his favourite music.

His answer was a surprise because he told how he had started listening to the Russian music of his grandfather Boris, especially the old folk songs.

When the interview was done we told him about the male choir Dustyesky from Mullumbimby which has become a sensation in Russia for singing those traditional songs. Tim immediately went to his phone, found the link and then excitedly went off to show his grandfather how 28 non-Russian, hairy blokes from just over the border are singing with such passion and gusto.




Bianca Dye and Jay Sandtner.
Bianca Dye and Jay Sandtner.




Today's "Life in Lockdown" probe features Hit90.9 breakfast gal Bianca Dye dishing the fun facts on her partner Jay Sandtner.

Is he a good cook and if so what is his best dish?

"He makes one of the best spaghetti bolognese I've ever had and has perfected the steak on the Webber that is so juicy I literally drool."

What does Jay do well around the house?

"He has a great eye for interior design and has taught me to be more minimalistic - I hoard trinkets - and he is a demon for cleaning which is great because I hate it."

What is the worst trait for both of you in the house?

"I'm terrible and leave teaspoons everywhere - usually with Nutella still stuck to them - which drives him crazy. He leaves his shoes under the dining room table which drives me mental. First world problems!"

Have you started binge-watching any particular shows?

"We are obsessed with series two of Dear John but other favourites are The Sinner, Black Mirror and Bloodline."

What surprising things have you learned about each other during the lockdown?

"We really do need our space otherwise we will strangle each other! Jay picked up the tennis racket again while I started yoga every day which has really helped my mental health."


Peter Allen and mother Marion Woolnough at the Sheraton Mirage.
Peter Allen and mother Marion Woolnough at the Sheraton Mirage.


Remember When: Peter Allen wowed Sheraton audiences

THIS week's pictures pay tribute to Peter Allen, arguably one of the greatest acts Australia has ever produced. The photo above was taken at Sheraton Mirage in the mid-'80s and shows Peter with his mother Marion Woolnaugh. Our other photo is a file photo of Peter with his mother when he was a baby.

In the classic song Tenterfield Saddler there is a line, "The son of George Woolnaugh went off and got married and had a war baby. But something was wrong and it's easier to drink than go crazy". That son was Peter's father.



Marion Woolnough and Peter Allen.
Marion Woolnough and Peter Allen.



Whenever he was on the Gold Coast performing, Peter would always bring his mother up to stay with him at the Sheraton-Mirage. His shows at Twin Towns were amazing - he worked until he was dripping in sweat, dancing, playing the piano and singing to give everything he had for his audience.

Erhard Hotter, then general manager of the hotel, told us that he was under strict instructions from Peter to give Marion the very best available when she was in house.

Sadly, Peter passed away far too young in 1992 and Marion lived on until 2009 having seen her baby boy go on to become one of the biggest stars in the world. PICS ATTACHED



Celine Dion and Simon Gallaher at the Perth Telethon in 1991.
Celine Dion and Simon Gallaher at the Perth Telethon in 1991.



THE selfie of Chris Hemsworth last week meant we had to ask around for any other examples of locals who have been snapped with a famous face.

Step forward Simon Gallaher.

"This was taken at the annual Perth Telethon in 1991," said Simon. "My record company (Sony) was promoting an unknown Canadian singer into the Australian market at the time. She spoke very little English, only French, but she was very sweet and said very kindly, as best she could, that she thought I was a wonderful singer. I thanked her and then asked for her name. 'Celine Dion', she replied. Not long after that she became a global superstar."




Angie Bell MP at the Reimagine Forum breakfast.
Angie Bell MP at the Reimagine Forum breakfast.


THE world has been turned on its head and it will be a long time before life returns to any sort of normality. That being said once again the Gold Coast is showing Australia that we still have that entrepreneurial spirit to get things moving again.

On Thursday morning a roll call of around 150 city leaders gathered for a breakfast at GCCEC billed as the Reimagine Forum. Speakers included Dr Soheil Abedian, Prime Minister Scott Morrison via video and Stuart Robert MP.

Keynote speaker James Tuma showcased his vision for the Gold Coast detailing where we can get the jump on others by concentrating on technology, events, sport and the arts through HOTA.

Angie Bell MP said it best when she proclaimed that we, as a community, can't wait for outside help. "This forum is a nationwide first for an event of this kind. It also shows that our recovery has to be by us, for us and about us."

As it has always been. Here's to the future.

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