TESTING TIME: Police administer a roadside drug test to this driver as part of a crackdown on drug and drink driving.
TESTING TIME: Police administer a roadside drug test to this driver as part of a crackdown on drug and drink driving. contributed

Woman's failed drug test alibi: 'But I wasn't even driving'

IT SOUNDED like the perfect alibi.

But Kristy-Lea McDonald found it was not good enough when she was drug tested, while in the passenger seat, of a car being driven by a learner.

Gympie Magistrates Court was told police stopped the car she was in on April 23 and booked her for being in charge of it, while showing detectable levels of meth amphetamine and marijuana derivatives in her saliva.

McDonald, 39, pleaded guilty to the charge, which involved her supervision of a Learner driver behind the wheel.

Magistrate Chris Callaghan expressed surprise at the charge and said it was something he had not previously encountered, but police told the court a person supervising a Learner was deemed to be in charge.

Mr Callaghan noted that McDonald was not alleged to have been adversely affected by the drugs, which would have meant a much more serious charge.

"It is an offence, nevertheless," he said, discharging her absolutely with no conviction recorded and a mandatory minimum one-month licence disqualification.

At the other end of the scale was a young Rainbow Beach man caught drug driving on a Provisional licence in Carlo Rd, Rainbow Beach on December 30.

Harley Keith George Groves, 23, was also charged with unlawfully refusing to supply a second saliva sample on New Year's Day.

He pleaded guilty to both charges on Thursday and was fined $800, with an 18-month disqualification.

Other separate matters before the court included two men and a woman, all similarly punished after being caught driving with meth amphetamine and marijuana residue in their his saliva.

Joseph James Boulton, 28, of Kin Kin told the court he should have left it longer before driving in Phoenix Lane, after sharing marijuana at a party.

But he did not know where the amphetamine, also detected in his saliva, came from.

"Probably spiked," he said.

Mr Callaghan ordered the conviciton not be recorded, as was the case with Jasmyn Skye Miller, 22, of Gympie, who pleaded guilty on Thursday to a similar offence committed on March 24.

Shawn David Crosby, 45, of Southside pleaded guilty to drug driving on March 16 and was similarly fined and disqualified.

Gympie man Alexander Titus Ford had his driving matter transferred to Brisbane Magistrates Court on June 20, after he pleaded guilty on Thursday dt drug driving in Ramsay Rd, Southside on February 25.