ARREST: The woman was arrested and found with marijuana in her possession.
ARREST: The woman was arrested and found with marijuana in her possession. Trevor Veale

Woman threatens to kill neighbour and dogs over dispute

JENNITA Dawn Troutman, 47, can't remember the night she threatened to kill her next door neighbour and her dogs, but her belligerent behaviour and empty threats landed her a night in Dalby watch-house and a date in court.   

Police prosecutor Sergeant Derek Brady told Dalby Magistrates Court on Tuesday that on August 23, Troutman entered her next door neighbour's front yard around 10.30pm and began banging on the windows.   

Troutman threatened to kill the complainant and her dogs and yelled several obscenities.   

Surrounding neighbours left their own houses to assess the commotion and police were called shortly after.   

Police attended Troutman's home where they found her heavily intoxicated.   

Sgt Brady said she refused to co-operate with police when they attempted to escort her from the house, and was subsequently arrested and taken to the Dalby watch-house.   

While in the watch-house she was found with 1.5g of marijuana on her person.  

Defence lawyer Michael Corbin said the incident was the boiling point in a "long-standing back and forth dispute" between the neighbours.   

Mr Corbin told the court Troutman was interested in leaving Dalby and moving to Goondiwindi to "heal herself" with the help of her elders.   

Magistrate Tracey Mossop told Troutman her behaviour was inexcusable as a grown, adult woman.   

"There comes a point in time where, as a 47-year-old woman, you need to monitor and control your behaviour," she said.   

Troutman admitted she was so heavily intoxicated she couldn't remember any of the events of the night.   

She pleaded guilty to a number of charges, including committing public nuisance, obstructing a police officer, possessing dangerous drugs, and trespass.   

She was fined $600 and a conviction was recorded.