GUILTY: Sarah Pershouse will be eligible for parole in August.
GUILTY: Sarah Pershouse will be eligible for parole in August. contributed

Woman threatened taxi driver with knife, bashed receptionist

AFTER a heated argument at a wedding, Sarah Ann Pershouse, blind drunk, jumped a taxi, failed to pay and punched a hotel receptionist who wouldn't let her into a room.

Bundaberg Magistrates Court heard Pershouse was on probation for drugs charges when on May 5, 2019, she committed the string of offences.

At 7.55pm, Pershouse got into a taxi in Mackay and asked the driver to take her to the Dolphin Heads Resort, a fare of about $70.

En route to the destination, the driver asked Pershouse to pay part of the fare, but when she said she only had $50, she became aggressive.

The defendant told the driver she had a knife and would stab him if he didn't take her the whole way.

He pulled over, told her to get out, and drove off without collecting the fare of $56.70.

The court heard Pershouse arrived at the hotel about 11.20pm where she demanded access to her room.

However, when the defendant was told she could not enter the room because it wasn't booked under her name, she again became aggressive.

"The defendant punched the victim in the face twice and hit her in the throat with an open hand," police prosecutor Sergeant Dean Burgess said.

It was heard witnesses at the scene said Pershouse was "definitely intoxicated".

"She has an unfortunate history to say the least," Sgt Burgess said.

"She was on parole from the Supreme Court and was on probation for drug offences. She was also on a suspended sentence from this court.

"She has a problem, there's no doubt about it."

Defence lawyer Gavin James said his client, 30, had three children who all lived with their father due to her transient lifestyle.

The court heard Pershouse had failed to engage in rehabilitation services, having completed just eight hours of a court ordered community service order.

While she had served a number of days in custody, time served was not eligible to be recognised because she had been on parole.

Magistrate Ross Woodford sentenced Pershouse to six months in jail and fined her a total $850.

She will be eligible for parole on August 18, 2019.