Woman takes home $120,000 Keno win in Toowoomba

THE CITY Golf Club in Toowoomba has become the site of a massive Keno win this weekend, with a lucky traveller pocketing more than $120,000.

The winner, from the Central Coast in New South Wales, held a Keno 8 Spot winning entry in game 627 on Saturday night, earning her the total prize of $120,270.10.

The win continues the Darling Downs' Keno winning streak. Less than four weeks ago, a Dalby grandmother won a Keno 10 Spot jackpot worth $1.3 million.

Speaking with a Keno official yesterday morning to confirm her weekend win, the Toowoomba holidaymaker couldn't contain her excitement.

"It's a bit of a shock," she said.

"We go out to dinner, play some numbers, and far out, it's crazy.

"We didn't watch the draw, but someone in the club said '$120,000 has just been won in here'. I thought 'oh, good luck to them'. I didn't realise that winner was me."

The holidaymaker played a 8 Spot entry but also decided to play Keno Bonus, which tripled her winnings to just over $120,000.

When asked how she might use her Keno fun money, the visitor said some plans were already forming.

"I think I'm going to share it with mum and dad, and I'm sure there'll be some other new things for me in there too."

City Golf Club duty manager Sharee O'Brien said it was fantastic to see another big Keno win in the club.

"I was in the club on Saturday night, and I could see there was a bit of a buzz near the bar," she said.

"Everyone's going 'someone just won $120,000' and everyone going off their heads and checking their tickets.

"It's one of the biggest Keno wins we've seen in recent years, so it's just great to see. We hope to do it again soon."