Woman strangled, beaten in secluded street by partner


WARNING GRAPHIC CONTENT: A former Laidley man used phone tracing technology to track his wife, then beat her in a secluded street.

His partner had bruising to the cheeks, upper neck, head, scalp and face.

She was missing clumps of hair and had a cut to her lower lip, but former Laidley man Jaison Giles claimed he never laid a finger on his former partner.

Giles was jealous.

He had installed CCTV cameras in the house and a tracking device on his wife's mobile phone.

When she turned off her phone on May 18, 2019, Giles threatened to kill himself.

He grabbed a cleaver and punched his partner in the face.

Bleeding, she went to the bathroom, where Giles began crying, saying "he did not mean to hit her".

Court documents show Giles then strangled her, and she couldn't breathe for about 30 seconds.

Giles forced his partner to drive him to a bottle shop where he directed her down a secluded street.

He elbowed her in the face, grabbed her hair and smashed her head into the door and window of the car before punching her multiple times and pulling her hair out.

Threatening to kill her, Giles drove the car home when someone from a neighbouring house saw the woman and rushed to her help.

The woman was taken to hospital, but Giles followed, using an application to track the location of her phone.

The District Court of Queensland in Brisbane heard it was not the first time Giles, now 34, had been abusive towards his former wife.

"You were married and lived at Ferny Grove. It was a turbulent relationship," Judge Paul Smith said.

"You were manipulative emotionally towards her and lost your temper towards her on occasions."

During Giles' sentence, Judge Smith said the defendant began monitoring his partner's movements in February, 2018.

Shortly after, she moved away to Melbourne but came back, telling Giles it was his last chance.

Judge Smith said when Giles spoke with police, he denied assaulting his partner.

"(It) is clearly a lie," Judge Smith said.

He was remanded in custody and later given a Supreme Court bail.

"I hope in jail you can do some counselling regarding domestic violence," Judge Smith said.

Giles was convicted with of one count of assault occasioning bodily harm, one count of strangulation in a domestic setting and three counts of common assault.

His sentence is to be served concurrently, with a parole date of February 17, 2021.