Debbie Hall's car was damaged after a hit and run at Oakey.
Debbie Hall's car was damaged after a hit and run at Oakey. Contributed

Woman shaken after car rammed 3 times by speeding driver

A DARLING Downs woman has been left shaken and her car destroyed after she was targeted by a speeding driver this morning.   

Debbie Hall, 61, was on her way from her Kingsthorpe home to work at the Oakey IGA about 5.45am. It was her first day back at work in a month after her mother died from cancer.   

"I noticed a Land Cruiser coming up behind me, it is 60kmh there and it was coming up quite fast behind me," Ms Hall said.   

The next thing Ms Hall knew, the vehicle with a big bull bar was ramming her car on Hamlin Rd, Oakey. She said it felt like the car rammed her car about three times.   

"I don't recall pulling my foot off the accelerator," she said.   

"When it  hit me the first time I was waiting for them to stop and get out.   

"They hit me two more times and did a u-turn and sped off."  

Ms Hall said the debris from her car was scattered across the road and the back of her car was now in the back seat.    "I was just driving to work, the last thing I expected was someone to hit my car," she said.   

She didn't notice if the car had a number plate and is now asking if the public can help find the person who did this. Ms Hall expects the old Land Cruiser to have no damage, but red paint from her car on its bull bar.   

"I don't know what I would say (to them)," she said.   

"I just hope they had a wonderful time and karma is a b****."  

Luckily, Ms Hall was not seriously injured but she said suffered pain in her right leg and right side of her body from the impact and was being taken to hospital.   

A police spokesman said they were investigating the hit and run traffic crash.   

Anyone with information should contact police, Policelink on 131 444 or Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.