Jessica Schafer managed to snap a picture of her car as the thieves drove away.
Jessica Schafer managed to snap a picture of her car as the thieves drove away. Contributed

Robbed at knifepoint: 'Sorry, but I have to take your car'

"I'm really sorry, but I have to take your car".

These were the words allegedly thrown at a terrified Mackay resident as she was carjacked at knifepoint on Wednesday evening.

Jessica Schafer was visiting her partner's mother at a property on Stockroute Road when criminals "in need of a faster car" targeted her.

Ms Schafer was parked in the driveway, sitting behind the wheel of her brand new Ford Falcon with a back seat full of groceries at the time.

"I had just rolled down the window to say goodbye when the men flew into the yard behind me," Ms Schafer said.

"One of the men got out and said 'I'm really sorry, but we need to take your car, you need to give me the keys, we need a faster car'."

"I grabbed my phone and hopped out, and by that stage the other man had lifted up a knife to show me he was serious."

Ms Schafer said the terrifying experience had sent her into 'fight or flight' mode.

"I pretty much just froze," she said.

"I've never experienced anything like it, it was such an awful feeling. I did ask if I could get my wallet out of the car before they took it, and they said yes.

"I was scared because I had no idea what they were capable of, but they were strangely apologetic."

After allegedly stealing the car, the offenders took off into a nearby cane paddock to dispose of their other vehicle - also believed to be a stolen car.

Police have received reports of the woman's car being sighted at a Sandy Creek address on Thursday morning.

Sarina Police Station Officer in Charge Mick Jones said the car had reportedly been spotted in Rockhampton on Thursday afternoon.

"The registration plates have been swapped and the car is believed to be in the Rockhampton area," Sergeant Jones said.

The black 2015 Ford Falcon is a supercharged V8 sedan with the number plate 073 XTB.

Anyone with information is urged to phone police or Crime Stoppers anonymously on 1800 333 000.