Katy Faust is in Australia to lobby against gay marriage after being raised by lesbian parents.
Katy Faust is in Australia to lobby against gay marriage after being raised by lesbian parents.

Woman raised by lesbian parents fights gay marriage

A WOMAN who was raised by lesbian parents says children have a right to have a relationship with a mother and a father.

Katy Faust, who is in Australia to lobby against same sex marriage, serves with the International Children's Rights Institute.

In an interview with the ABC's Tony Jones, Ms Faust said while her mother was a fantastic mother ... "she can't be a father."

"Her partner, an incredible woman - both of these women have my heart - cannot be a father either.

"Children have a right to be in relationship with their mother and father whenever possible, and as a society, we shouldn't normalise a family structure that requires children to lose one or both parents to be in that household.

Ms Faust said "there's a lot of pressure on children of gay parents to please their parents, to sort of carry the banner forward for them''.

"There's several children that have contacted me even since I started writing about this saying, "I agree with you, but I'll never come out and speak about this publicly because my relationship with my parent is too tenuous."

Ms Faust said she became a Christian at high school.

"...it took a long time, honestly, for me to get on board with what biblical sexuality says, because there's a fierce protectiveness I think that all children have for their parents, but what I was delighted to find when I read Scripture is that God has an incredible heart for the orphan and that he's very concerned with the plight of children.

"And that lines up very much with where we need to go in this discussion, which is focusing on the rights of children primarily as opposed to emphasising the desires of adults, which tend to take centrestage when we're talking about this issue."

"I think that I'm pretty fair in my statements to say that whether you're heterosexual or homosexual, children have rights.

"And adults - the onus needs to be on adults to conform to the rights of children rather than children fitting into an adult's lifestyle.

"And certainly, I don't think that homosexuals are responsible by any means for the crisis that we face in America when it comes to family structure these days.

"Absolutely, heterosexuals have led the way on that charge. I got into this discussion primarily because what I heard from the gay lobby was that children don't care who's raising them, right?

"That children are just fine if it's two men or two women. And the reality is that anybody that's talked to a child who has lost a parent, whether through divorce, abandonment, third-party reproduction or death, kids absolutely care.

"Family structure matters to children. And so I heard the LBGT lobby saying it doesn't care - they don't care and I don't think that that's reality."

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