Jessica Grey faced Ipswich Magistrates Court and pleaded guilty to six charges.
Jessica Grey faced Ipswich Magistrates Court and pleaded guilty to six charges.

Woman crashes into fence, police car while fleeing officers

A WOMAN reversed into a police vehicle then gunned her car forward and drove it through a fence to get away from the officers who wanted to speak to her boyfriend.

The boyfriend took over driving and led police on a pursuit from Rosewood that ended at Walloon when the engine of the damaged Holden Commodore overheated and seized.

Details of the incident were given when Jessica Grey appeared for sentence in Ipswich Magistrates Court on Wednesday.

Jessica Grey, 28, from Spring Mountain, pleaded guilty to drink driving (0.076) at Bellbird Park on June 12, 2020; and to five offences that were committed at Rosewood or Walloon on July 18 – doing wilful damage to a fence; dangerous operation of a motor vehicle in Albert St; failing to comply with duties of a driver involved in a crash; doing wilful damage to police property; and possession of a knife at Walloon.

Police prosecutor Jack Scott said police were called to a street in Rosewood at 12.20pm and parked in a driveway behind a white Holden Commodore.

A man was in the passenger seat and Grey was seen to run from a unit and drive the car forward one metre.

The Commodore then reversed back and hit the bull bar of the police vehicle.

Grey accelerated forward across the driveways of two units then drove through a white wooden fence “spraying debris into the air.”

Police gave pursuit but the Commodore, which was then being driven by the man, reached high speeds.

The Commodore’s engine seized because of damage to its radiator.

When spoken to, Grey was in possession of a knife.

Mr Scott said there was a significant impact with the fence but police had not received a damages estimate.

Police sought a jail penalty of between six and nine months.

The court heard that Grey had no previous criminal offences.

Magistrate Terry Duroux noted that police facts state the Commodore reached speeds of 140km/h but this was attributed to when the unnamed man was driving.

In an unrelated incident Grey was behind the wheel of a Hyundai at 10pm on Friday, June 15 when she was intercepted by police manning an RBT.

When breath-tested she gave an alcohol reading of 0.076 with Grey telling police she drank two beers.

Defence lawyer Jarrod Bell said Grey was not born Jessica Grey, and recently changed her name again for personal reasons.

Mr Bell provided her new birth certificate with changed details to the Ipswich court which dealt with the offences under the name Grey.

Mr Bell said Grey drove the car through the fence but around the corner she changed over with the male passenger who then drove.

Mr Bell said her boyfriend was wanted by police at the time and Grey panicked.

He said she was of good character with no criminal history until this incident.

Mr Bell sought a fine as a penalty.

Mr Duroux said it had been significant offending.

Grey was fined $1600 for dangerous driving and her licence was disqualified for six months, with an additional $300 fine for failing to comply with her duties after a crash.

She was fined $500 and licence disqualified one month for drink driving.

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