BORCE Ristevski and his wife Karen were in deep financial straits when he killed her, dumped her clothed body in Victorian bushland and lied to police, prosecutors allege.

Mr Ristevski, 54, is accused of murdering the 47-year-old at their Avondale Heights home in Melbourne's west on the morning of June 29, 2016.

It's alleged he then drove his wife's black Mercedes-Benz coupe to Macedon Regional Park to dispose of her body, killing the signal on his mobile phone along the way.

It was alleged he then went out Uber driving before having dinner at his parents.

Mr Ristevski on Monday faced Melbourne Magistrates Court for the opening of a two-week hearing that will determine if there is enough evidence to stand trial for murder.

The case against Mr Ristevski was presented in a summary by prosecutor Matt Fisher, who said the couple's boutique fashion store Bella Bleu had been losing money for years.

Ms Ristevski had been missing for eight months before her remains were found among logs by two horticulturists in February 2017.

"They were drilling into the base of a pine tree when they both smelled an odour," Mr Fisher said. "Between two logs they observed a human skull and a foot protruding up."

The body was identified as Ms Ristevski's and prosecutors allege she was murdered by her husband after the pair argued about their struggling business.

Bella Bleu had lost more than $320,000 over four years and the Ristevskis also had several loans and a credit card debt of more than $80,000.

"Sales coming in did not cover their expenses," Mr Fisher said. "It is alleged the financial predicament was very serious."

The alleged murder occurred between 8.58am and 10.43am on a Wednesday morning after the couple's then 21-year-old daughter Sarah had left home for work.

Mr Ristevski told police his wife left the house on foot to clear her mind and never returned but detectives noticed inconsistencies in his statements.

Earlier, Mr Fisher told the court the accused killer tried to drive for Uber after his wife went missing. He said Mr Ristevski could not access the ride-sharing app on his phone so drove around for 30 minutes and collected no passengers.

Mr Fisher says it's part of a story Mr Ristevski told police that included "numerous discrepancies" and made it difficult for them to "rule him out as a suspect" in the disappearance of his wife, Karen.

Karen, Borce and Sarah Ristevski.
Karen, Borce and Sarah Ristevski.

Mr Ristevski appeared before the court with his hair cropped and beard trimmed, entering the dock wearing a charcoal suit over a white shirt, without a tie.

"As far as today goes, it is proposed to call four witnesses," Mr Fisher told the court.

Those witnesses include an insect specialist, Parks Victoria ranger and a customer from the fashion boutique that Ms Ristevski owned.

Ms Ristevski, 47 went missing from the pair's $1.1 million Avondale Heights mansion, in Melbourne's northwest, in June 2016.

Mr Fisher told the court Mr Ristevski told two different stories to police in the days after she went missing.

In one story, Mr Ristevski told police that on the morning his wife disappeared, they had fought about their finances in an upstairs room before she walked out of the house.

In another story, police claim he told them they fought downstairs and she left by a different door.

The site where Karen Ristevski's body was found at Mount Macedon. Picture: Nicole Garmston
The site where Karen Ristevski's body was found at Mount Macedon. Picture: Nicole Garmston

Mr Ristevski, 54 has strenuously denied any involvement in the death of his wife.

He told police that he failed to report his wife missing on June 29, 2016, because they often fought and she regularly left the house after arguments.

On the night of her disappearance, Mr Ristevski and his daughter Sarah had dinner with his parents. Police allege he told them Ms Ristevski was "at the shop" the pair owned, Bella Blue, which was draining their finances and had left them in significant debt.

Police say Mr Ristevski did not tell Sarah that her mother was missing on the day she went missing or ask whether she had heard from her mother.

The last conversation Mr Ristevski and his wife had was relayed to the court. Mr Ristevski told police his wife said "I'm going because I can't think straight" before leaving the home.

Mr Ristevski claims he drove his wife's 2004 Mercedes-Benz SLK coupe hours after she went missing because he believed it needed fuel.

But Mr Fisher told the court Mr Ristevski filled the tank the night before and was "well aware of the fuel level".

In new details revealed to court, Mr Fisher said Ms Ristevski's skull and feet were discovered under leaf litter and sticks. She was not wearing shoes or socks.

Magistrate Suzanne Cameron will hear from nearly 30 witnesses at the pre-trial hearing, including the couple's daughter Sarah and possibly Ristevski's son Anthony Rickard.

Rickard, 34, allegedly dodged police for months because he didn't want to give evidence at his father's hearing, but he was arrested and faced court himself on Sunday.

The court was told Rickard is a witness in the death of his stepmother and police had been attempting to serve him a witness summons since May.

Pathologist Melanie Archer was the first witness to give evidence on Monday.

Ms Archer told the court she could not say exactly when Ms Ristevski's body was moved to Mount Macedon.

It is expected 28 other witnesses will appear over the next two weeks including family members, friends, police, an engineer, and a pathologist.

Sarah Ristevski is on the list of prosecution witnesses, as is her stepson Anthony Rickard, who was arrested at a Diggers Rest property about 12.20am on Sunday on outstanding warrants including a failing to answer a bail charge.

Mr Rickard, 34, had managed to dodge police from the Missing Persons Squad for several months as they attempted to serve him a witness summons.

The Melbourne Magistrates' Court was told on Sunday evening Mr Rickard did not want to give evidence at his father's hearing. He was remanded in custody.

The court on Monday heard both Sarah Ristevski and Mr Rickard will require legal advice before testifying.


faced Melbourne Magistrates Court for the opening of a two- week hearing that will determine if there is enough evidence to stand trial for murder. Picture: Nicole Garmston
faced Melbourne Magistrates Court for the opening of a two- week hearing that will determine if there is enough evidence to stand trial for murder. Picture: Nicole Garmston


After Ms Ristevski went missing, police searched the Maribynong River and its banks near the family home for any trace of her. They followed pings from the couple's mobile phones to transmitter towers along Melbourne's Calder Freeway.

Ms Ristevski's mobile phone was reportedly tracked near Gisborne, 40km northwest of the family home, while Mr Ristevski's phone was detected near Diggers Rest, about 20km away.

Mobile phone data indicated that Mr Ristevski's phone was switched off for 2.5 hours on the day she vanished.

Mr Fisher told the court on Monday that police allege Ms Ristevski and her phone were in the car he was driving on the day she disappeared.

Police allege she was murdered at the pair's home before her body was moved.

At Ms Ristevski's funeral in Essendon in March last year, Mr Ristevski helped carry her coffin. The family a press conference four months later that was quickly shut down when a reporter asked Mr Ristevski directly: "Did you kill Karen, Borce?"

Today will be the third time Mr Ristevski has appeared before a judge since he was charged with murder. He appeared briefly via video link in April where the court heard his defence team were wading their way through 22,000 pages of evidence, including transcripts of recorded phone calls.

Mr Ristevski's lawyer, Sam Norton, argued the media was engaging in "deliberately toxic" reporting and his client was not being given a fair go.

Police have never released the cause of Ms Ristevski's death.



June 29, 2016

• Karen Ristevski last seen at her Melbourne home in Avondale Heights

• Her mobile phone pings off a tower in the Macedon Ranges

• A car similar to her black Mercedes SLK coupe spotted by CCTV cameras near Diggers Rest railway station December 19, 2016

• Police search grassland, waterways, creeks and farms

February 20, 2017

• Karen Ristevski's body found at Mount Macedon Regional Park

March 6, 2017

• Funeral service held with husband Borce Ristevski a pallbearer, while daughter Sarah leads the procession August 31, 2017

• Police recreate the journey of Ms Ristevski on the day she went missing in a black Mercedes, identical to hers December 13, 2017

• Borce Ristevski charged with murder and faces court where a lawyer indicates a not-guilty plea. He is remanded in custody

April 18, 2018

• Ristevski returns to court where it's revealed detectives tapped phone calls and planted listening devices as they investigated the alleged killing, compiling a 22,000-page evidence brief

• Ristevski is granted state-funded legal aid as he fights the allegations May 16, 2018

• Court told the pair's daughter Sarah and Borce's son Anthony are expected to give evidence at a committal hearing July 16, 2018

• Ristevski's two-week committal hearing starts, aiming to determine if there is enough evidence to go to trial.

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