Winter one day, summer the next: Welcome to Ipswich

THIS week's weather forecast makes for confusing reading.

A frost is on the cards for today and tomorrow morning with minimum temperatures of 1C and 2C respectively.

But tomorrow will also see the mercury climb to a high of 29C.

That will be followed by a maximum of 30C on Thursday, making the city the warmest spot in the region.

Friday will also be warm with a high of 29C.

Temperatures will begin to cool off on the weekend with Saturday easing to 28 and Sunday to 26.

Apart from the chilly start today, the temperature will climb to a pleasant 25C with some light winds.

Those light winds will continue throughout the week, picking up on Thursday and as we head into the weekend.

The bad news for our farmers and firefighters is that there's zero per cent chance of any rain this week.