SETTING SAIL: Shirley Moore is the winner of a 14-day cruise to New Zealand, thanks to Helloworld Riverlink's Sharon Jones and the QT
SETTING SAIL: Shirley Moore is the winner of a 14-day cruise to New Zealand, thanks to Helloworld Riverlink's Sharon Jones and the QT Darren Hallesy

Winner off on cruise of a lifetime

WHEN Shirley Moore put her entry into the barrel at Helloworld Riverlink's Travel Expo last month she said to her family she'd never win.

So imagine her reaction when she won a 14 day all expenses paid cruise to New Zealand on the Majestic Princess through Princess Cruises as part of a promotion between Helloworld Riverlink and the Queensland Times.

"I went to Auckland thirty years ago for my brother's wedding, so I'm keen to return and I just love cruising," Mrs Moore said.

"I can't wait to go to all the different ports, it's going to be a whole new experience. I love the fact that on a cruise you can do whatever you want, it's totally up to you what kind of holiday you have.

"My husband might get lucky...I might take him, that's if he behaves himself between now and the cruise!

"We get the QT every day and I said to my daughter I didn't know if I could be bothered entering, I never win a thing, but she said 'gotta be in it to win it', and she was right."

Helloworld Riverlinks' Sharon Jones said that in 2019, travel has never been more affordable plus best of all, easy to pay for.

"You can book a holiday today and start paying it off now which makes a big difference to the budget," Ms Jones said. "For example if you want to book a cruise for 2020 or 2021 you can do it now, start paying it off and avoid any price rises.

"When the GFC came in people were taking shorter holidays, and we are finding that now people are for example booking a European cruise, but getting there early to explore a bit first and make the holiday longer."

While holidays on the beach might not be on your mind in these cooler months, that's the exact reason why you should consider where you want to holiday within the next couple of years, as Sharon explained.

"This is a great time of year to book ahead, because you can book up to two years ahead on some holidays. Ipswich people still love to cruise, and there are so many options available as to where you go, what you do and several cruise companies to choose from.

Plus the river cruises through Europe continue to be up there with Ipswich holidaymakers, I've done a few and they are fantastic.

"Tours though places like Germany, Holland, France and the Baltic countries are great because every day you are getting off the boat and seeing somewhere new to explore. Personally I think it is the best way to holiday, I've done a few myself and customers like the fact that I can talk from experience.

"There are so many options available today for holidays," Sharon said.

"Don't dream about that holiday, come in and we'll help turn it into a reality."