Ipswich Logan Hornets captain Anthony Wilson guided his team to victory with a memorable 150 not out. Picture: Cordell Richardson
Ipswich Logan Hornets captain Anthony Wilson guided his team to victory with a memorable 150 not out. Picture: Cordell Richardson

Wilson’s 150 not out milestone seals fantastic victory

"IT was pretty special, beautiful.''

That's how head coach Aaron Moore summed one of the best innings produced by an Ipswich Logan Hornets batsman in the club's Queensland Premier Grade history.

Captain Anthony Wilson plundered 150 not out opening the batting chasing a big total at Deagon.

Wilson hit a boundary with two runs needed to reach his massive unbeaten milestone. That completed the Hornets successful run chase and secured the team a spot in the one-day quarter-finals.

Home side Sandgate Redcliffe were earlier bowled out for 295 in the final over after threatening to set an even higher target.

That onslaught was contained by some fine bowling by the returning Sam Doggett (3/50), Sean Lutter (2/58), Harry Wood (2/43) and Bryn Llewellyn (2/45).

"We actually were quite happy. We thought 300 was a minimum there,'' Moore said.

"At one stage they were looking to make 350 so we finished off their innings really well.

"Our resilience and our belief keeps improving all the time. We stuck to what we know works and we come back and we bowled them out.

"We thought it was a win - 295 - to be honest.''

Ipswich Logan Hornets coach Aaron Moore.
Ipswich Logan Hornets coach Aaron Moore.

However, it was Wilson's magnificent knock that provided the day's biggest highlight.

"It was just very controlled and he found the fence a fair bit,'' Moore said. "It was beautiful.''

On a batter-friendly wicket and with a fast outfield, Moore also praised Hornets middle order batsman Jack Wood for his vital contribution.

After the Hornets maintained seven runs an over, Wood smashed 51 off 24 deliveries to ease the pressure as Wilson anchored the innings.

"He sort of changed the game in our favour massively,'' Moore said of the Queensland-contracted spinning all-rounder.

"He hit five sixes and none of them were just over the fence. They were a long way away.''


Big-hitting Hornets allround Jack Wood.
Big-hitting Hornets allround Jack Wood.

With the quarter-final schedule to be confirmed, the Hornets were one of six teams to finish on two wins in the one-day qualifying series.

Being in seventh place on percentages and bonus points, the Hornets could play Valleys in next Sunday's quarter-final.

The two-day competition starts on Saturday at Baxter Oval with the Hornets facing Gold Coast.

The Hornets Second Graders travel to the Gold Coast for their opening two-day match.

They finished second in the one-day series to lock up a home quarter-final next Sunday.

The Hornets comfortably chased down Sandgate Redcliffe's 9/158 with Dylan McAteer snaring 3/29 off his 10 overs at Baxter Oval.


Qld Premier Grade

Ipswich Hornets vv Sandgate Redcliffe Gators at Deagon

Gators Innings

Bryce Street b H. Wood 6 (13)

J. Liebke c J.Wood b Smith 26 (46)

L. Thompson c Croos b H. Wood 3 (7)

C. Barsby c H. Wood b Doggett 101 (118)

A. Lascu b Llewellyn 97 (77)

M. Simmers c Thomson-Mathews b Llewellyn 13 (12)

L. Aspin c Thomson-Mathews b Lutter 4 (7)

J. Connelly c Cross b Lutter 8 (8)

Mitch Swepson c Cross b Doggett 8 (4)

B. Powell not out 5 (5)

M. Bunker c H. Wood b Doggett 5 (3)

Extras (3b 3lb 9w 4nb) 19

Total (49.2ov) 295

FoW: 11, 19, 61, 238, 264, 267, 272, 282, 288, 295.

Bowling: Sam Doggett 9.2/0/50/3; Harry Wood 6/0/43/2; Adam Smith 10/2/47/1; Sean Lutter 9/0/58/2; Bryn Llewellyn 10/0/45/2; Jack Wood 5/0/46/0.

Hornets Innings

Harry Austin c Powell b Connolly 22 (32)

Anthony Wilson not out 150 (149)

Dan Wilson lbw Street 22 (32)

Harry Wood c Powell b Swepson 38 (41)

Jack Wood c Connolly b Street 51 (24)

Levi Thomson-Mathews c Powell b Swepson 5 (5)

Bryn Llewellyn not out 0 (0)

Extras (2lb 8w) 10

Total (47.1ov) 5/299

FoW: 69 (Austin), 118 (D.Wilson), 228 (H.Wood), 288 (J.Wood), 295 (Thomson-Matthews).

Bowling: L. Aspin 8.1/0/38/0; M. Bunker 2/0/25/0; B. Powell 10/0/65/0; J. Connolly 7/0/33/1; B. Street 10/0/76/2; Mitch Swepson 10/0/60/2.

Hornets won by five wickets with 17 balls to spare.


2nd Grade at Baxter Oval

Gators Innings

S. Lowry c Andrews b Waters 8 (17)

S. Carwood c&b McAteer 31 (73)

R. Livingstone run out (Prince) 4 (16)

C. Sweeney b Waters 4 (7)

J. Moody b Trigar 0 (3)

T. Brown lbw b Topp 32 (61)

S. Hutton c Bischoff b McAteer 14 (36)

C. Abbey b McAteer 6 (20)

T. Brandt b Lutter 23 (36)

B. Ilott not out 17 (32)

J. Gardner not out 1 (1)

Extras (2b 2lb 12w 2nb) 20

Total (50ov) 9/158

FoW: 9, 19, 23,256, 80, 84, 111

Bowling: Will Trigar 10/2/23/1; Jacob Waters 10/0/33/2; Rowan Lutter 10/0/31/1; Dylan McAteer 10/1/29/3; Michael Topp 7/1/20/1; Nick Bischoff 3/0/18/0.

Hornets Innings

Nick De Giusti c Brown b Gardner 6 (12)

Michael Topp c&b Abbey 22 (17)

Lachlan Prince st Brandt b Ilott 77 (84)

Noah Emerson c Brandt b Abbey 12 (17)

Greg Carter c Lowry b Ilott 8(28)

Matt Andrews not out 19(32)

Nick Bischoff not out 3(6)

Extras (1lb 6w 6nb) 13

Total (31.4ov) 5/160

Extras (1lb 6w 6nb) 13

FoW: 30 (De Giusti), 37 (Topp), 60 (Emerson), 95 (Carter), 153 (Prince).

Hornets won by five wickets with 110 balls to spare.