QR Moto Ride day is a safe place for people to ride.
QR Moto Ride day is a safe place for people to ride.

Willowbank lights up with family Friday night festival

TONIGHT Willowbank Raceway hosts another Friday Night Lights event.

Friday Night Lights has become a great new family concept.

The evening also has free face painting a live DJ and a jumping castle, so everyone in the household is catered for.

Tomorrow Race Ya Mates is back at Willowbank Raceway.

It's always a good night out to see mates going head-to-head to settle the score.

There always seem to drop back to a Holden v Ford argument, which is great. I love the banter around the pits on these nights between mates.

Queensland Raceway will stage its hugely popular Roll Racing.

The word on the street is some hot cars will be there getting some good runs down before they head off to Sydney in a few weeks for the Roll Racing Interstate Challenge.

On Sunday, another Moto Ride day hits Queensland Raceway.

Two-wheelers will be doing their stuff on the track and not the road, which is the safest place to ride your bike these days.

The Moto Ride Day crew do a great job with instructors and hire bikes as well.

I might have to try one of the Kawasaki Ninja bikes and see if I am any good on two wheels opposed to four.

Next weekend is the one I am looking most forward to.

I have been reading up on the Drift Zamurai who is attending next weekend's drift Matsuri.

His attitude to drifting is full on and will bring a new level of excitement to the Matsuri.

Key events

Tonight: Friday Night Lights, Willowbank Raceway.

Tomorrow night: Brisbane Roll Racing, Queensland Raceway; Race Ya Mates, Willowbank Raceway.

Sunday: QR Moto Ride Day, Queensland Raceway.