Picture: kassinopious/Reddit

Wife shames cheating husband with message on mattress

A woman has kicked out her cheating husband by spray-painting a brutal message on their marital bed and dumping it outside.

A photo of the defaced mattress was shared on Reddit on Monday, with the caption, "Let's bring the kids in to (sic) this".

The Reddit user also called it an "A-Grade Karen maneuver".

The post has recieved more than 67,000 upvotes and attracted more than 2000 comments. And while some said it was "fair enough" to a point, many took issue with one part of the act.

"A-okay in my book until she involved the kids," one person wrote on the post. "A good parent keeps the conflict between them and protects their kids from it."



Another commenter said it was a "trashy" move.

"What parent in their right mind would involve their children in their own personal matters… yeah, what the guy did was wrong but I'd bet … he didn't tell his kids about his sexual adventure."

"This is the kind of s*** my parents did when I lived with them as a kid and it makes me physically sick to think about doing it to my kids," another said.