THE estranged wife of Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce says she feels "deceived and hurt" after it was revealed his former media adviser is expecting his baby.

Mr Joyce, 50, is expecting a baby with 33-year-old Vikki Campion and has told friends that he is madly in love.

Mr Joyce, who opposed same-sex marriage and abstained from the vote in Parliament, confirmed the breakdown of his 24-year marriage to Natalie Joyce, the mother of his four children, during the ­debate over the legislation last year.

Mrs Joyce this morning said the situation is "devastating".

"The situation is devastating, for my girls who are affected by the family breakdown and for me as a wife of 24 years who placed my own career on hold to support Barnaby through his political life," Mrs Joyce said.

A pregnant Vikki Campion pictured in Canberra. Picture: John Grainger
A pregnant Vikki Campion pictured in Canberra. Picture: John Grainger

"Our family has had to be shared during Barnaby's political career and it was with trust that we let campaign and office staff into our home and into our lives.

"Naturally we feel deceived and hurt by the actions of Barnaby and the staff member involved.

"The situation for myself and the girls has been made worse by the fact it's been played out in public at this time.

"I would ask that the girls and I are given some privacy to come to terms with the consequences and take steps to plan our future."

Vikki Campion and Barnaby Joyce are having a baby together.
Vikki Campion and Barnaby Joyce are having a baby together.

Federal Labor spokesman Chris Bowen says Joyce's relationship with Ms Campion has been well known in Parliament House for months.

"The Labor Party has made no public statement about Barnaby Joyce's personal situation for the last six months, despite the fact it's been well-known in this building, and we're not about to start today," Mr Bowen told reporters in Canberra.

Mr Bowen added: "In terms of his personal life, I wish him nothing but the best, and his family nothing but the best, and I have absolutely nothing else to say on the matter."

But even as rumours and innuendo swept Canberra and the campaign trail during the New England by-­election, Mr Joyce ­refused to address the subject of his new relationship with Ms Campion.

The Daily Telegraph can reveal the couple have moved in together and are expecting their first child around April.


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Nationals MP George Christensen did not confirm if he was aware of the relationship this morning.

"You hear all sorts of rumours in this place," Mr Christensen told News Corp outside of Parliament this morning.

"All I'm going to say is I support Barnaby Joyce 100 per cent as leader, there's no question about that.

"Personal lives are personal lives."

Mr Joyce's office ­declined to comment about his personal situation or the upcoming birth but said Ms Campion was no longer working for the Turnbull government.

"Due to ministerial changes at the ­reshuffle last year, the staff member's contract ended," he said.