Catherine Frewer reacts to the news that her husband's accused killer has been charged with drug driving.
Catherine Frewer reacts to the news that her husband's accused killer has been charged with drug driving. Warren Lynam

Widow's torment after accused killer charged

CATHERINE Frewer says charges over her husband Cameron's death has "brought it all back" after things had finally settled since his funeral two weeks ago.

Police today charged a 43-year-old Warana man who was the driver of the ute that hit and killed Mr Frewer as he cycled on Caloundra Rd on November 5.

Mrs Frewer, in an emotional interview with the Daily, said she was struggling to know how to feel after learning the driver was facing drug and dangerous driving charges.

"Knowing these minor details about this person, it just makes me so mad," she said.

Mrs Frewer said she wanted to know every detail about the case, but she would let police "do their job" so nothing would be jeopardised.

"I know I'm going to have to face him. I'm going to have to go to court ... I'm going to do everything I can," she said.


Cameron Frewer will be farewelled this Friday.
Cameron Frewer died while cycling at Caloundra on November 5. Facebook

Mrs Frewer said she was glad charges had been laid before Christmas, as it provided some closure for her family.

"(But) he's home and can spend Christmas with his family," she said.

"And I don't have Cameron here to spend Christmas with us."

Close friend of the family and CEO of Bicycle Queensland, Anne Savage, said she hoped any final outcome would serve as a deterrent to others.

"It's been a very upsetting day, but we are pleased that the charges are appropriate for what has occurred," she said.

"We are ever mindful that law enforcement authorities must do better to prevent this from ever happening and to crack down on the types of dangerous driving behaviour that can lead to this type of crash occurring."


Cameron Frewer is being lovingly remembered by the national cycling community for his tireless efforts in promoting safety awareness.
Cameron and Catherine Frewer with children Lachlan (middle right), 15, Oscar, 10, and Heidi, 8 in happier times. Facebook

Since Mr Frewer's death, the family has been supported by members of the Sunshine Coast community and cyclists across Australia have united to keep Mr Frewer's legacy alive.

The Daily teamed up with Mrs Frewer and Bicycle Queensland in a Unite for Cam campaign to encourage all road users to share the road.

Since the campaign ended, cyclists have said how they've noticed attitudes changing on Coast roads and that more people were following the 1 metre safe passing laws.

Mr Frewer promoted education and proper enforcement of the laws through his Facebook page Drive Safe, Pass Wide, where he shared countless near misses on the roads.

Queensland Transport and Main Roads Minister Mark Baily has pledged to invest millions of dollars into infrastructure and bike riding culture to improve road safety.

"We all deserve to feel safe on the road," he said.

Minister Bailey said bike riders were some of the most vulnerable road users, so motorists should give them as much space as was safely possible.

The 43-year-old Warana man is due to appear at Maroochydore Magistrates Court on January 14.