WELL DONE IZZY: Israel Folau has people talking about rugby again, even if it's not for things on the field.
WELL DONE IZZY: Israel Folau has people talking about rugby again, even if it's not for things on the field. Frank Augstein

Why wasn't greed listed on Folau's list of sins?

BUNDABERG Reverend Andrew Schmidt says for every complex issue there is a simple answer.

And that answer is usually wrong.

The Good Shepherd Anglican Church priest and NewsMail columnist has bravely provided a different Christian perspective on the Israel Folau saga, which is making headlines across the country.

Folau's axing by Rugby Australia and subsequent public funding efforts have centred public attention on the right to free speech.

Rev Schmidt said there were multiple perspectives and questions raised about the post, public reaction and church teachings.

He said one of the reasons homosexuality stood out and impacted people more than the other behaviours listed was because it was not a choice.

Rather than attacking the choices and action's of someone, the post was condemning the humanity of an individual.

He said part of the concern was that homosexuals, especially young footy fans are particularly a vulnerable section of society and those that aren't are vulnerable to being incited to act in a homophobic way.

This, coupled with Folau's defending of the post was likely the cause of the wide-spread coverage and national attention.

Rev Schmidt also noted what the sporting star's list failed to mention - greed.

The notion of greed within society is something Rev Schmidt said was condemned by Jesus in the gospels and yet was seemingly absent from Folau's post.

He said this was an interesting omission and in itself raised several questions, as Rev Schmidt said the reports claiming that Folau's post was from the Bible were false, "that's not in the Bible".

Rev Schmidt said there was also the matter of church teachings and interpretations of "traditional" perspectives.

He said one of the biggest questions was how the church has failed Folau.

"To assume there is one teaching of church tradition is wrong," Rev Schmidt said.

On the topic of Folau's career, Rev Schmidt said he had been made an example of, but questioned the consistency with regards to players who had been violent or domestic violence offenders.