Marburg State School principal (left) Melissa Hamilton, with P&C President Amy Cross.
Marburg State School principal (left) Melissa Hamilton, with P&C President Amy Cross.

Why these students will have the best lunch breaks in town

AFTER 18 months of grant applications, Marburg students will finally be able to compete in their favourite lunchtime games – slippery slide races.

The Marburg State School’s current playground doesn’t have a slide, and P&C president Amy Cross said it was “outdated”.

But thanks to a $35,000 community gambling benefit fund grant, and plenty of fundraising, slide races will become a popular lunch break activity.

The double slide was requested by the students.

“We’ve applied for the same grant three times over the space of 18 months,” Mrs Cross said.

“The kids only have one playground structure at the school, it’s way outdated and it’s about 30 years old and very uninspiring.”

Mrs Cross said the grant wouldn’t fully cover the cost of the playground and its construction, so the school cohort had put all of its fundraising energy towards the project.

The school has 12 months to use the funding, and are in the process of finalising which playground they want to purchase.

“We’d like a normal-sized playground with the usual climbing frames, but to be inclusive of all the ages from five-year-olds to 12-year-olds,” Mrs Cross said.

“The double slide is going to be the winner.”

Last year, the school celebrated its 140th birthday, and this year, welcomed new principal Melissa Hamilton.

“It’s been a tough year, and last year was a bit tough with changeover, but this is something positive,” Mrs Cross said.

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