Simone Karandrews is pushing for changes to be made to the 4306 postcode.
Simone Karandrews is pushing for changes to be made to the 4306 postcode.

Why residents in this postcode say they are missing out

RESIDENTS of the southern sector of 4306 are still waiting on Australia Post to take action and make changes to rezone the area.

The area is classified as a regional zone, which residents say has had big impacts on their delivery needs.

Community advocate Simone Karandrews said it had been two years since she launched a petition to the Federal Government for the reallocation of certain 4306 areas.

“Because we live in the 4306 area, we can’t get next day delivery,” she said.

“We have to wait for one specific day that they travel to that region. There are increased costs associated with that.

“There’s a whole range of flow-on effects.”

Ms Karandrews said she was told the southern sector of 4306 would be reviewed once the new processing facility opened at Redbank, which went live in October.

“Certainly, people who I have had contact with have been experiencing increased delays with parcels and post still being delivered to the area, even with Redbank going live,” Ms Karandrews said

An Australian Post spokesman said operational changes were made to its Express Post service in December to better serve customers in 4306, equal to that of Brisbane central.

“We appreciate the community’s support and energy behind the 4306 issue, and with our new Brisbane Parcel Facility at Redbank already improving service in the area, we will continue to keep the community updated as our assessment progresses.”