Nick Cummins is the star of The Bachelor Australia 2018.
Nick Cummins is the star of The Bachelor Australia 2018. Channel 10

Why Nick's taking a punt on reality TV

NICK Cummins is like no Bachelor viewers have seen before.

Known as the 'honey badger' for his tenacity as a rugby union player, his charm comes from his lack of refinement, his easy-going nature and his sense of humour.

Cummins is in no danger of being labelled 'vanilla' like a few of his predecessors.

This is a man who refers to women as 'females' like he's narrating a nature documentary and is clearly more comfortable tossing the footy around than opening up about his feelings over a glass of bubbly.

In that sense, he's probably the most relatable Bachelor yet for the men forced to tune in with their girlfriends and wives.

Rugby Union player Nick 'Honeybadger' Cummins is this year's Bachelor. Supplied by Channel 10.
The Honey Badger swaps footy for roses on The Bachelor.

"I had more dates on The Bachelor than in a calendar year. It was pretty full-on," he tells The Guide.

"I've never had to talk about feelings as much as I have on The Bachelor. I've been thrown in the deep end, but it teaches you a lot about yourself that's for sure. I had a crash course in the female emotions, and dealing with my own around that."

So why does a professional sportsman like Cummins need to go on a reality TV show to find a woman he wants to settle down with?

"You can go anywhere and meet the woman of your dreams in any location, but I've found that you go out to a bar or you're at the beach and you're speaking to a girl you'd like to go on a date with and she or her friends have seen you before on TV or know who you are," he says.

"All of a sudden you've been painted with this brush of being a rugby player or because of a TV ad and all of a sudden you're not sure what they're there for. Is it because you're a good bloke or do they want to be seen with someone who's on TV?

"When these girls go in they don't know who the Bachelor is and there's no internet in there. We all get a fresh start from day one and they can take me for who I am."

Host Osher Gunsberg says Cummins will deliver plenty of unexpected moments on the reality dating show.


The Bachelor Australia host Osher Gunsberg with this year's Bachelor Nick Cummins. Supplied by Channel 10.
Nick with The Bachelor host Osher Gunsberg before his first big night meeting the bachelorettes.

"What will surprise people most I think is that he's a very self-aware man, a very spiritual man, and lives life with a conscious awareness that you probably wouldn't expect from a professional footballer," he says.

The 30-year-old has taken a year off from rugby to appear on the show and explore some of his other interests. The Bachelor is part of a bigger plan to expand his horizons beyond the sport that has dominated his life.

"I want to try new things. I don't think I'm a one-trick pony. I want to spend this year or so feeling out what I'm passionate about and what direction I want to go in," Cummins says.

"When you're out of the rugby scene, you've got more freedom of start to feel out your joys.

"My biggest fear would be regret. It's not something I want to have in life. I want to get my life in order and get my mind operating in a way where I only feel good vibes."

So what's he looking for in a woman at this watershed moment?

"You want someone who can challenge you. Someone who gives you unconditional love and is a bit spiritual," he says.

The Bachelor premieres on Wednesday at 7.30pm on Ten.