Senior Ipswich Flyers player Melissa Beutel.
Senior Ipswich Flyers player Melissa Beutel.

Why Mel gets an extra buzz at netball

BEING a naturally competitive person, senior Ipswich Flyers player Melissa Beutel enjoys the weekly challenge provided in the Queensland Premier League SEQ Cup competition.

"Netball gives me the buzz I need,'' Beutel said.

However, being part of the Flyers' leadership team provides another opportunity to share her love for the sport.

"Being older these days my passion is driven by my kids and my teammates as well,'' she said.

"I love showing my kids what an active healthy lifestyle is.

"While sometimes hard to make it all work, showing them the importance of committing to a team and giving it your all is really important.

"I love how proud they are of my achievements as much as I am of theirs. It makes all the late nights, early mornings, dinners and breakky's in the car worth it.''

As Beutel starts to get emotional, she explains more about her strong netball connection.

"My team, while I seem a bit soppy with this stuff, it really is what makes the sport great,'' she said.

"We come from all different walks and stages of life, yet when we are on that court we are one unit and off the court we are a big family.''

Working as a manager and receptionist in the Sports Office at West Moreton Anglican College, Beutel also takes a keen interest in helping students.

"I'm loving my role as I can combine my love of sport/netball with my job,'' she said.

"I'm also coordinating the school's TAS netball teams with colleague and former teammate Donna Doolan.

"This year is seeing how it all works and what we can improve moving forward. There is plenty of talent out here.''

Back at the Flyers and Beutel is happy with the Ipswich team's early progress after securing its third win 64-50 over QUT last week.

"It was a very physical game,'' the regular goal keeper/goal defence player said.

"We went into it with a few injuries and illnesses looming so we are really happy to come away with a convincing win.

"It's great to have these hard games and get good wins while trialling new combinations, so that when we get to the business end of the season every-one is comfortable and confident on court.''

Preparing to play Cornubia Park in tonight's latest clash, the Flyers gained extra confidence after last week's tactics paying off.

"We had different combinations at both ends of the courts with Meg (Bowmaker) having a run in defence due to Charisma (Tuupo) having a knee injury after training and Chloe (Roberts) getting a run in the shooting circle,'' Beutel said.

"We had specialist sessions last week and this week with the Ipswich Jets working on attacking and shooting.

"I really felt we put what was practised at training onto the court.''

The experienced netballer said the most pleasing aspect in their three early wins was "our teamwork and commitment to each other''.

"We are a very tight unit and back each other on and off the court,'' she said. "It shows on the court when we have low patches and can lift each other out of them to get back on top.''

However, Beutel was cautious about getting too excited too early. "I don't feel it comes easy though. Every team is a hard fight,'' she said.

Beutel said the Flyers needed to make another positive start against Cornubia Park tonight.

"We don't take any game lightly and this week will be no different,'' she said.

"We do go into it carrying some injuries so will be hitting hard in the first half to secure a solid lead for the back end of the game.''

State of play

QPL SEQ Cup Rd 4: Tonight (7.50pm) - Goodna Sapphires v QUT, Ipswich Flyers v Cornubia Park. Ipswich Vipers bye.

Rd 3 results: Goodna Sapphires def Pine Rivers 77-44, Ipswich Flyers def QUT 64-50, Western Districts def Ipswich Vipers 58-31.