Why lockdown has become something of 'biblical proportions'

THIS enforced home stay is turning into something of biblical proportions.

There is Prime Minister Scott Morrison talking regularly on WhatsApp with all the states premiers.

They cannot go anywhere till the crisis is over and have to stay inside, " … all with one accord …"

Centre Right Morrison is particularly in lock-step for the "lockup" policy with centre left Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews.

Andrews is effusive in his praise right now, as he said in the national daily, "It is a fantastic package and everyone in federal government should be very proud, of the size of it, but also of the fact that it is absolutely going to see so many people through a very, very difficult time."

With Easter having just passed, it reminds of the 120 shocked and shattered disciples who gathered together after the death of the Messiah. They prayed and waited for 10 days, scholars suggest, till they were "all of one accord".

That seems to be about the time political revelations started coming down from our locked-in pollies.

Bit more time to go till this pandemic lifts, but our political world has had a massive shake-up, as we all have. Message to our pollies - stay on your knees please.