Why Ipswich rail commuters are among state's luckiest

IPSWICH commuters are among the luckiest, with new data revealing the region's trains are among the best for running on time.

Trains operating on the Springfield and Ipswich lines in 2018 were on schedule 94.95 and 96 per cent of time respectively.

Rosewood was even better, with 98 per cent of trains arriving at the station on schedule.

Rail Back on Track has undertaken the arduous task of compiling Queensland Rail data to illustrate performance.

Spokesman Robert Dow said while the Ipswich, Springfield and Rosewood lines performed well on paper, data must be put in context.

Trains on the Rosewood line are assessed as being on time if they arrive within five minutes and 59 seconds; compared with three minutes and 59 seconds required on other lines.

"Rosewood tends to always come up very well," Mr Dow said.

"There's not too many services and they have a fairly generous time to arrive."

Caboolture and the Redcliffe Peninsula line were the worst performers.

Springfield, which is linked to the Redcliffe line, narrowly missed QR's target of 95 per cent on-time services.

Mr Dow expected Queensland Rail to run its services better than it did in 2018.

"Issues such as train reliability, prolonged dwell times, congestion, signal and track faults, rostering issues are all impacting on peak performance," he said.

Mr Dow called on Queensland Rail to make monthly performance figures for all lines available.

"Let's make 2019 the year of improved transparency and honesty in public transport circles for Queensland," he said.

"We are very tired of the spin and duplicitous deception that has been the hallmark of recent times."