PROTEST: Cashless Debit Card protesters in the Bundaberg CBD.
PROTEST: Cashless Debit Card protesters in the Bundaberg CBD. Mikayla Haupt

Why Ipswich should trial the cashless welfare card

A COMMUNITY campaign against the Cashless Welfare Card has already started in Ipswich, despite no formal proposition yet put.

The same campaign, largely run on Facebook by a group of residents who receive welfare payments, has already been run in Bundaberg and Hervey Bay.

Thankfully, the government proceeded with the extension of the welfare card in that area.

Independent research into the card has shown it is effective in reducing drug use, alcoholism and gambling.

Welfare dependency across the nation has grown 3.4 per cent in real terms since 2006-2007; largely driven by our aging society.

Unemployment welfare has remained stable in the same period.

The card is not forced on to people receiving the aged pension.

There are small problems in this non-cashless society; like the inability to use the card at markets.

More investment in social services is also needed.

But what is wrong with issuing rules on how people spend taxpayer's money?

If independent trials are showing a reduction in drug use, alcoholism and gambling, then why shouldn't it be expanded to other areas?

What do you think?