APPEAL: Nara Walker claims her husband - whose tongue she bit off - was abusive towards her.
APPEAL: Nara Walker claims her husband - whose tongue she bit off - was abusive towards her. Facebook

Why I bit my husband's tongue in half

THEY were only planning on being in Iceland for three months, but a year later Nara Walker was behind bars being questioned by police and her husband was in hospital, missing half his tongue.

Sunshine Coast woman Mrs Walker went public with Icelandic tabloid newspaper, DV, and told them she had been the victim of "years of domestic violence" in the lead up to the incident including being sexually abused and drugged without her knowledge.

Mrs Walker and her French husband met in Brisbane in 2013 and moved to Iceland in October 2016 for his work after they married in London.

Icelandic newspaper Morgunbladid, covered the case extensively and reported that in November last year, Mrs Walker and her husband had an American man and another woman at their home in Reykjavik when a conflict broke out.

Mrs Walker told Reykjavik District Court she then tried to leave the apartment with the American man, but her husband wouldn't let her and pushed the man down the stairs.

The argument further escalated inside when Mrs Walker's husband held her arms by her side and tried to kiss her.

The court heard, when he leaned in Mrs Walker bit about 2.5cm of the man's tongue off and then pulled the other woman's hair and bit her fingers after she was pushed to the floor.

Although she told the police when they arrived that her husband had also attacked her, she was put into prison for 15 hours and questioned while he and the other woman were taken to the emergency room.

Mrs Walker also lodged a domestic violence complaint against her husband at this time.

In March this year, Mrs Walker was handed down a 12-month prison sentence, suspended after three months in Reykjavik District Court and ordered to pay her husband $15,788 (AUD) in damages.

The pair's relationship was punctuated by violence and controlling behaviour according to Ms Walker.

"He dispensed my allowance on a monthly basis, and if I (was not good) enough in his opinion, he punished me by not giving me anything," she told DV.

The husband's tongue was reattached with 30 stitches, but remains "severely shortened", which will affect his speech for the rest of his life.

Mrs Walker told DV it was not her intention to hurt her husband and she would be lodging an appeal against the court's decision.

"I wish he had allowed me to leave the house that night," she said.

"I often get nightmares at night and see his face as I remember that night."